Mar 18 2008

Zawahiri Dead In Latest Pakistan Missile Attack?

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It seems someone very high up in AQ may have been in that compound in Pakistan that was recently bombedmaybe a certain Arab doctor:

A pro-government militant commander accused the Pakistani and US forces on Monday of carrying out Sunday’s missile attack on a compound of a house in the Shah Nawazkot area of South Waziristan. The attack left nine people, inclu/ding some foreigners, dead.

Maulvi Nazir’s spokesman Mita Khan, who won the support of the government after launching an armed campaign against Uzbek militants, termed the attack a joint operation of Pakistani and US forces.

Some unconfirmed reports say that a doctor of Arab origin who frequented the compound was among the dead.

As I noted in my previous post above the amount of fire power brought to bear indicated a very high valued target. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s number two leader, is a doctor. I also noted recently that Gen Hayden (CIA) mentioned casually Zawahiri was an easier target given his penchant for the media. I thought at the time that was a near blatant admission we had him in our sights. Reporting from this part of the world is always dodgy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this reporting is close to accurate and Zawahiri has met Allah in person.

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14 Responses to “Zawahiri Dead In Latest Pakistan Missile Attack?”

  1. browngreengold says:

    Well, well, well.

    May there be truth in this reporting.

    Further, may Ayman regretfully discover that his 72 virgins are actually donkeys with faces remarkably similar to Helen Thomas.

  2. WWS says:

    This may sound grisly – but I wanna see the body before I let myself believe it!

  3. Zawahiri Dead in latest Pakistan missile strike?…

    Word on the street is that the latest major missile strike in Pakistan was aimed at a certain Arab doctor.
    As ya’ll know Ayman al-Zawahiri is the #2 Al Qaeda leader behind Osama Bin Laden.
    Pray for the best.  That would be Gadahn (American AlQae…

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Not long ago it looks like we took out his mouthpiece Adam G. and he hasn’t been seen or heard from.

    Dr. Z appears fairly often, so it won’t take long to see if he pops back up or is suddenly on an extended vacation.

  5. Cobalt Shiva says:

    Dr. Z appears fairly often, so it won’t take long to see if he pops back up or is suddenly on an extended vacation.

    I believe the term of art is “celestial dirt nap.”

  6. kathie says:

    Who is bin Laden without Zawahiri?

  7. Cobalt Shiva says:

    Who is bin Laden without Zawahiri?

    A man up Shiite Creek without a paddle :o)

  8. kathie says:

    Good Cobalt!

  9. WWS says:

    LOL, Cobalt! I propose a “comment of the month” award, with this one unquestionably awarded to you!!!

  10. clarice says:

    Where’s Adam Gadahn?

  11. BillM says:

    Let us sincerely hope so!

  12. dhunter says:

    Isn’t McCain over there? He got him? Closing in on Bin Ladin?

    Way to go John! Strong on something! Said you’d follow him all the way to the gates of …… Go John Go….Keep going

  13. crosspatch says:

    Either we are killing them or they are pretending to be killed and are going deeper into hiding.

  14. SallyVee says:

    Personally I’d rather have Dr. Z alive and chatting over tea and shackles. Then launched on a worldwide ‘tour of justice’ as Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower, suggested. Besides the USA, the tour would include all the Muslim countries where Z has killed, and culminate in Saudi Arabia where Z would meet a barbaric end in the town square at the hands of his fellow Muslims. No martyrdom that way. And this would help advance the cause of moderate Muslims battling extremists in their midst.