Mar 18 2008

Clinton: “I Will Surrender Iraq To Bin Laden No Matter How Much Progress Is Made”

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Boy, something is definitely in the water at the DNC because the Democrats keep finding more ways to self-destruct, and in ever more bizarre ways. Senator Hillary Clinton, who voted for the war in Iraq and many times to keep it funded, has now claimed no matter how good things get in Iraq, and no matter how bad al-Qaeda is in terms of a threat against humanity, her plans to surrender Iraq to al-Qaeda are non-negotiable. Her campaign promise (paraphrasing of course): “I promise America will lose Iraq. and all the prestige and respect in the world that would go with the loss. I promise (to Bin Laden?) America will leave Iraq for him to use as he sees fit.” Even the press seems a bit taken aback:

In a testy exchange with a reporter on a conference call Monday, after Clinton delivered a speech about Iraq, top Clinton advisors went to pains to make plain that there would be no room for adjustment in Clinton’s Iraq plans, no matter what happens on the ground.

“No, we’re not saying that. What we’re saying is that Hillary is committed to her plan. She has laid out her plan in detail. She was the first candidate in this race, in this primary, to lay out her detailed plans of what she would do as president to start bringing our troops home. She’s committed to those plans,” Clinton policy director Neera Tanden replied.

As Americans (here and here) and Iraqis become more and more positive on the future of Iraq only Clinton would be so short sighted as to kowtow to the SurrenderMedia and make such a ludicrous promise.

Well, Clinton did make the SurrenderMedia and al-Qaeda happy with her stubborn stance. I wonder if Obama will try to out defeatist her?

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One Response to “Clinton: “I Will Surrender Iraq To Bin Laden No Matter How Much Progress Is Made””

  1. dave m says:

    Golly Gosh. How to out surrender Hillary? She might have Obama
    on the ropes. No wait, here’s an idea:
    Obama can start to let Al-Kyder start to conquer American States.
    That would sure show Hillary a thing or two.
    Hands up who wants to be first?
    How about California?
    He will be unstoppable.
    Peas In Our Time.