Mar 17 2008

Optimism In Iraq, Iraqis Want Us To Finish The Job – Wonder When Dems Will Get A Clue?

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Want to know how Iraq is going? Don’t listen to the liberal democrats. Or if you do then just go with the opposite of what they say. They are the ones last year who said, despite what was being reported in Iraq form months, that the Surge and Awakening were failures and Iraq would never turn the corner. Many times these statements came before the two efforts even began in earnest. Liberal Dems are in such denial these days it is safe to assume they are 180 degrees out of sync with the reality. So when you want to know what is going on in Iraq – start with the Iraqis:

Our poll suggests a flicker of optimism among some Iraqis and, perhaps, signs of a new political pragmatism.

Overall, 55% of respondents say their lives are good, compared with 39% in our last poll, taken in August 2007 – a sizeable increase.

When asked how they expect things to be one year from now, respondents showed increased optimism: 45% said things would be somewhat better or much better.

That is up from 29% six months ago.

The responses on security are striking. Half of those questioned said that security was the most important issue facing Iraq.

But 62% said that security in their neighbourhood was quite good or very good – an increase of 19 percentage points in just six months, and compelling evidence that Iraqis, overall, feel safer.

Look again at the sectarian divide – 65% of Sunnis said security in their neighbourhood was bad or very bad, while only 30% of Shia said so.

There is a divide still in the numbers. Shiia and Kurds are much more positive than Sunnis – but the trend is clear. The future is brightening and if the Sunni’s reach the same levels of optimism as the rest of the Iraqis then Iraq will have come out of their decades in the dark of oppression and violence. And this will send shudders through the left – the Iraqis want us to stay to make sure we finish killing their enemy: al-Qaeda:

The number of respondents who believe attacks on US forces are justified has dropped 15 points in the last six months to 42%.

While more than a third of Iraqis believe the United States should pull out immediately, 63% believe the Americans should leave only after a period during which security and government get stronger.

And a full 80% believe the US should continue to fight Al Qaeda and foreign jihadis in Iraq.

“The big counterintuitive finding is that even though many indicators show Iraqis opposed to the United States, there seems to be a growing awareness of what might happen if the US pulls out,” he says.

One way to read these numbers, he says, is that Iraqis have “looked into the abyss” of all-out civil war, and taken a step back.

Wonder when the Dems will be looking into the abyss that are their foolish and shortsighted proposals on Iraq?

Those who slaughtered Muslims by the thousands to try and keep them in the darkness will be remembered as the vanquished evil which tried to destroy Iraq’s bright future. And no liberals, the Iraqis don’t confuse Americans with the bloody thugs of al-Qaeda they fight along side us. That is why they want us to stay and finish the job we started. That will spell the end for al-Qaeda, and Bin Laden will join Hitler in history’s sewer of mankind. And the Democrats? They will be known as the modern day Neville Chamberlains who got it all wrong.

Update RCP has put up some nice graphs showing the change in Iraqis views over the last 9 months.

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  1. bridelogger says:

    You left out some important points from that poll, like the fact that the percentage of Iraqis who want U.S. troops out ASAP is almost the same as six months ago.

    72% of Iraqis want American troops out. The majority of Iraqis believe that American troops make the security situation worse (maybe they remember 2007, when the surge increased violence in Iraq, and how violence only dropped due to things unrelated to the failed surge, like Sadr’s cease-fire). Almost as many Americans want the troops out. Yet the elitist latte-drinking limousine conservatives like Bush and McCain think they know what’s best for Americans and Iraqis alike.

    And, of course, the people carrying out the civil war violence in Iraq are not “Al-Qaeda.” That’s the difference between conservatives and liberals: Obama/Clinton liberals want to get out of Iraq and go fight Bin Laden’s group, while conservatives want to stay in Iraq fighting Iraqis (and keeping the Iraqis walled off from each other) all because they would rather fight Iraqis than take the fight to those who attacked us on 9/11.

    Combine that with the recent increase in violence (by Iraqis, not “Al-Qaeda”) and the fact that McCain has been shown up for the fraudulent hack he is on his trips to Iraq:

    And we see that the only people who want the US to stay in Iraq are those who want to a) see the Iraq civil war continue forever and b) Hand Al-Qaeda a victory by telling Bin Laden that we will leave him alone because we’d rather stay in Iraq and fight Iraqis.

  2. WWS says:

    What a ridiculous piece of projection on your part. Everyone wants the US out of Iraq, conservatives too!

    Here’s the difference – Dem’s want to pander to the far left and run away before things are stabilized, guaranteeing a renewed slide into civil war, increased terrorism, and mass slaughter. Conservatives feel it is the height of foolishness to give up all the gains that have been made (just look at the charts before you deny it) and that we should stay on until the Iraqi govm’t and security apparatus is able to finally go it alone, a process that takes time.

    And yes, in spite of constant denials by the hard left, the process is well on it’s way. Again, look at the charts of areas in which the Iraqi Army has assumed operational control.

    No one “wants” to stay in Iraq. But only the democrats want to surrender instantly in a way that destroys this country’s credibility forever, and which guarantees genocide.

    (Remember, even Obama is on record as saying that genocide is no big deal, certainly not one worth fighting for)

  3. Insurgents or Arabian Wolves: Security Threats in…

    All the left-wing antiwar denials of progress in Iraq look all the more pathetic when for much of the population the most immediate menace is an enemy whose presence long preceded any of those of the current war……

  4. Hand Al-Qaeda a victory by telling Bin Laden that we will leave him alone because we’d rather stay in Iraq and fight Iraqis.

    Left by bridelogger on March 17th, 2008

    Oh no, not ANOTHER Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist lying ‘Traitor Democratic Nutbag?


    “Bridelogger”, are you a Sockpuppet for the other Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Lying Traitor Democratic Nutbags such as “N(w)orm” and “THECENTERISABUNGHOLE” and “Bootlicker”??

    I bet you are!

  5. AJStrata says:


    Can we let the left comment here without getting too personal?

    Thanks – AJStrata

  6. As you wish AJ, I just hate to let them get away with their nonsense; I see little difference between them and “Pastor” Wright, they all preach the same nonsense, and the reason they get away with it, is because we’re so “PC’ that in general, we’re afraid to challenge them and call them what they really are. Me, I’m not afraid to tell them exactly what they are, and mix it up with them and slap them down, it’s their tactics anyhow, I adopted them from the Left, up until 3 years ago, words like this never crossed my lips, and I’m 49 years old!
    It’s been their 7 years of unrelenting attacks, lies, propaganda and outright sedition against our country and President that has finally forced me to do no more than adopt their very own tactics and rhetoric, I just turn it around! I’m not inferring at all by the way that you are “afraid” to mix it up with them, I know you’re trying to just keep the discourse civil because you run a blog, so don’t read anything into that!

    But, you’re rules, so I’ll let them whinge away; normal people don’t take them serioulsy anyway…

  7. AJStrata says:


    Challenge away (you do a good job). Just keep the personal stuff toned down.

    Cheers, AJStrata

  8. Understood, thanks. R/dale

  9. AJStrata says:

    Great Dale – thanks.