Mar 07 2008

More On The Awakening In Pakistan

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The terrorists are clearly repeating the mistakes they made in Iraq. Once in power their violent blood lust turns what were supporters into enemies. Check out this opinion piece from an Egyptian paper (but seems to be from a Pakistani author) and how it portrays al-Qaeda and the Taliban:

Seemingly indiscriminate, the targets have been those civil bodies the next government wants to mobilise against the militancy — not just the army, but local police forces and tribal councils or jirgas. “They are direct attacks on Pashtun society,” says Mahmoud Shah, a former Military Intelligence chief in South Waziristan, referring to the ethnic Pashtun tribes that dominate the NWFP.

And they are brutal. On 22 February an Iraq-like roadside bomb killed 13 members of a wedding party, including the bride. It happened in Swat, a lush, mountainous range in the NWFP that for the last three months has seen an attritional war between the army and pro-Taliban militants. “The bomb was meant for us,” says Lieutenant-Colonel Nadir Hussein, who commands one of the region’s snow-tipped heights.

Other ambushes are more accurate. On 29 February a roadside bomb killed a senior police commander and three constables. The commander’s funeral was in Mingora, capital of the Swat district. As a police guard gave their final gun salute a teenager detonated amongst them. Fifty were killed, mostly policemen, several torn to shreds.

On 2 March another bomber, also a teenager, killed 40 tribesmen at a jirga in Darra Adam Khel. The council had been called to raise a laskar or militia to fight Taliban militants. In January, the fighters had briefly overrun the town and its strategic tunnel linking Peshawar to southern Pakistan. Darra Adam Khel is Pakistan’s largest arms manufacturer. The capture was seen a grievous loss of sovereignty less than 40 kilometres from Peshawar.

“All institutions, which represent Pashtun society, the wedding, the funeral, the jirga — all have been targeted,” says Shah. “They want to bomb the entire Pashtun society into submission”.

But to what end? In a society driven by vendetta, one motive is revenge. Last fall Swat was conquered. Local Taliban overthrew police stations, appointed district “governors” and meted out their own strain of “Islamic” law, which included the decapitation of “spies” and “apostates”. Locals initially welcomed them. The Taliban’s swift justice was an improvement on the government’s none. But the violence appalled them. In November tribal elders called for the army to intervene.

And here is another local piece noting al-Qaeda and their ilk are not the future of Islam, but the enemy of Islam (as I have been saying for months now):

Do these terrorists consider themselves true followers of Islam? If their answer is in affirmative then I wonder why, because in Islam killing a human being is equal to killing the entire humanity. Islam considers every human life equally precious, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Similarly, suicide in Islam is completely forbidden and even in the course of a holy war Muslim warriors are not allowed to attack children, women, the old, patients, the destitute, orphans the unarmed and those who seek forgiveness. If the Taliban- and Al Qaeda-backed militants are true followers of Islam, why do they execute mass killings which take the lives of children, women and other innocent people?

What happened in Darra Adamkhel and Mingora recently couldn`t have been done by a true Muslim. They are actually enemies of Islam under the guise of Muslims who do not want peace and tranquility in the region.

This rising tide of resentment and hate for the terrorists is why intelligence is flowing to the Pakistani and US forces, allowing them to target the terrorists. This is the same pattern we saw in Iraq as local uncovered the Islamo Fascists, who were then taken out by security forces. One of the victims of this new wave of intelligence may have been Adam Gadahn – the American traitor – along with a series of other al-Qaeda leaders targeted in a the latest missile attack in the tribal areas of Pakistan. My guess is as the resentment of the locals grows as a result of the brutal oppression favored by the Islam Fascists we will see more and more al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders taken out.

One cannot hide amongst a community who wants you dead and gone.

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