Mar 03 2008

Pakistan’s Hopes For Peace Dashed By Terrorists – As Predicted

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Well, that did not take long. I predicted on Feb 21st that the newly elected Pakistan government was going to get a wake up call and that they need to forget about vengeance on Musharraf and figure out how to protect the people of Pakistan who voted by large margins for peace. Some snippets of what I felt back then was the misguided reporting on what was really going to happen in the near future:

I sometimes feel I am living in a parallel universe and seeing things that no one else can see, which typically makes me feel like I must be on the wrong side of things. I find it interesting today that the news out of Pakistan and its elections are on how the opposition parties can find a two thirds majority coalition to impeach Musharraf, when in fact the people voted for an end to terrorism in their midst. Am I the only one who sees the coming train wreck for those just swept into power?

So, do the polls and the votes show an interest in getting rid of the elected President or getting rid of the murderous al-Qaeda and Taliban? Even if one wanted to argue that the people may want both removed, the fact is Bhutto’s power hungry widower wants to open negotiations with the murderers who have massacred Pakistanis by the thousands:

Call me naive but I don’t think the Pakistanis will let al-Qaeda and the Taliban continue their reign of terror, and I don’t think al-Qaeda and the Taliban have the self control to curb it. Either they are using the naive peace movement or some in the movement are traitors to the fascists – but it won’t last even a few weeks if the Taliban and al-Qaeda start to come forward to either quash the new fledgling democracy or take control of it.

I give the current anti-Musharraf focus coming out of Pakistan another couple of weeks before al-Qaeda and the Taliban arise again and demonstrate the impotency or complicity of the new leaders. Bin Laden needs a win, and he needs territory to restart his war against the West.

Sadly I was correct – and now the news is focused on the massacres of Pakistani Muslims across the troubled tribal areas:

A suicide bomber attacked an anti-al-Qaeda peace meeting attended by thousands of tribe members in north-western Pakistan on Sunday, killing at least 40 people in the third suicide blast in the region in as many days.

Five tribes had called the meeting to finalise a resolution that would punish anyone who sheltered or helped Muslim militants, including al-Qaeda, Taliban and other foreign extremists, Interior Ministry spokesman Javed Iqbal Cheema said.

A young man walked up to a group of elders and blew himself up, said Alam Khan, a tribesman at the meeting.

“It was a huge explosion and left body parts and blood scattered on the ground,” said Ramin Khan, another participant who sustained injuries to his left leg and face.

More here. This is what happens when you try to negotiate with Islamo Fascists. This is what happens when you try to rely on their humanity with appeasement and a ‘let live’ attitude. These animals want world domination, not to live in peace with diverse views on life. When will the modern Neville Chamberlains wake up? This is what Obama promises us more of if he were elected.

The lesson is being learned the hard way in Pakistan – just as it had to be learned in Iraq before that nation realized what poisonous evil had sprung up in its midst. Some fools initially think that fighting America will be ‘kewl’ and glorious. Some initially buy into the propaganda of the Islamo Fascist and the delusion of a nirvana-like future. But once the requisite carnage begins they all realize they have allied themselves with the worst of humanity and must do something if they are to survive.

I think that change of heart is starting to happen because the election was about bringing peace and ending the fighting – as was noted in the results:

Fed up with violence and economic hardship, voters in the deeply conservative northwest have thrown out the Islamist parties that ruled this province for five years — a clear sign that Pakistanis are rejecting religious extremism in a region where al-Qaida and the Taliban have sought refuge.

Instead, voters in turbulent North West Frontier Province, which borders Afghanistan, gave their support to secular parties that promised to pave the streets, create jobs and bring peace through dialogue and economic incentives to the extremists.

Trust me when I predict the people would be happy with peace through strength as well. There are rumblings that the Pakistan government is readying for a major spring action, which will be more welcomed than feared after this weekend’s carnage by the fanatics:

Rattled by a fresh upsurge in militant violence, Pakistan is planning a major military offensive with US support against suspected Taliban and al-Qaida bases in its tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

The terrorists were ”unusually silent” during and immediately after the Feb 18 general election but three major attacks recently, including the bombings at a meeting of tribal elders on Sunday and at a funeral of a slain police officer earlier, have left at least 100 dead.

While the US will provide technical support for this offensive, there will be no direct American participation in it, the influential Dawn newspaper quoted diplomatic sources in Washington as saying.

Emphasis mine. The US has many ways to makes its presence known ‘indirectly’. I have noted for months that Pakistan does allow special operations forces to take action in very limited cases against high value targets. And we all know the predator platform has been used to take out the heads of the snake nest. So while you won’t see troops on the ground (sorry Barack, no invasion needed or wanted) I think we will see a lot of leaders of the Islamo Fascist movements sent on their path to meet Allah.

We have seen months of news reports about the gathering of al-Qaeda forces in the region. Now that the fish are in the barrel, and the new government of Pakistan sees their fate is tied to the destruction of the fascists, the shooting will begin.

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5 Responses to “Pakistan’s Hopes For Peace Dashed By Terrorists – As Predicted”

  1. dave m says:

    AJ, you were telling us a week ago that the brave Pakistanis had sent the terrorists an electoral defeat.
    I said at the time that the second biggest party, only a few seats
    behind former leader Bhutto’s party, were Taleban and terrorist supporters.
    The PML-N wants the war called off. Nawaz Sharif alledgely
    has met with Bin Ladin on several occasions and accepted bribe
    I said then I didn’t see a victory for freedom but rather a
    victory for islam. How are you dancing around it now?

  2. AJStrata says:

    Dave M,

    I have no clue how you misread my posts. And you still are misunderstanding my point. I have been saying the voters wanted peace and the newly elected appeasers were in for a harsh lesson as the terrorists start dictating to them through bloodshed.

    I know all about the history of Nawaz, etc.

  3. dave m says:

    The voters wanted peace and so they put in a massive vote
    for the PML-N? Not the Taleban itself, but the Taleban support
    party. I’m willing to change my opinion, but I don’t get it.

  4. conman says:

    No offense AJ, but it is not hard to misread your posts because they are often contradictory. Just yesterday you posted about things heating up in Pakistan, suggesting that the Pakistani government was on the verge of really going after the terrorist. You started the post out with this statement about the newly elected government: “Seems that there is a serious clash of civilizations forming in Pakistan as the terrorists realize they may not be getting any reprieve from the new government.” Now your suggesting that the new government just got a wake up call and needs to abandon its attempts to appease the terrorist? Complete contradiction.

    You also contradict yourself regarding the significance of the violence. Yesterday the signficance was that it was a sign of a last ditch effort of desperation: “Forgot to add this last article which shows how the terrorist violence against the locals is escalating – which is exactly what we saw when the Anbar Awakening first started to fight back against the Islamo Fascists. The violence always peaks as the terrorists use it as a last ditch effort to regain control over the local populations as they turn on the terrorists.” Today you claim it is a sign of the failed policy of the new government appeasers? I’ve notice over the last couple of months that you regularly take these alternating positions on the significance of terrorist bombings in Iraq, Pakistan, Afgahnistan, etc. – it is either a sign of desperation or an example of how dangerous the terrorist are depending on what point you are trying to make. You may not see it, but it is pretty obvious to the rest of us.

    You also continue to misread the impetus behind the election results. Dave M is right on this point and I don’t see how you can even argue with his position. Musharraf’s party was trounced in the election. One of the central themes of Musharraf’s party was that only they could protect the Pakistani people from the terrorist – people didn’t buy it. Their main concern is Musharraf power grab, plain and simple. As Dave indicated, the party with the second most votes has ties to these groups. While I agree that many Pakistanis are turning against the terrorist, it is not their main concern nor the impetus behind the election results. The main impetus was clearly a rejection of Musharraf. It is difficult for me to understand how you intepret these results otherwise.

  5. AJStrata says:


    It really is simple. One view is expectations (terrorist had expectations about the new government, the government expected the terrorists to calm down) and how when events fail to generate the expected conditions, reality will force the parties to take other actions (like going into a battle as opponents as opposed to quasi allies).