Aug 13 2005

Iraqi Response to Cindy Sheehan

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While I think Cindy is too deep into the leftwing mind machine to ever come back, there is one ray of hope for her. It is clear her son believed in the effort in Iraq, and died fighting for it. I was challenged on Redstate to prove this, and I did – in my opinion- through the words of Cindy Sheehan. Words that have changed over the year as she has been manipulated by the anti-war left – a group that sees her son’s killers as heroes, and her son as the duped face of the evil Bush conspiracy of oil. Here are her words showing how Casey believed that changing Iraq would change the world for the better – and how Cindy was always against it. First:

“But in the end, the family decided against such talk, deferring to how they believed Casey would have wanted them to act. In addition, Pat noted that Bush wasn’t stumping for votes or trying to gain a political edge for the upcoming election.”

Their talk, her talk was anti-war. Casey’s clearly was not. From this interview we have:

“…Casey Sheehan re-enlisted with the Army in August of 2003, knowing that his unit would eventually be deployed in Iraq.

BuzzFlash: Casey, as I understand it, technically did not have to go to Iraq since he was a field mechanic. Is that correct?

Cindy Sheehan: He was a Humvee mechanic. He re-enlisted in August of 2003 because he didn’t want his buddies to do the job by themselves. It’s all about what they’re doing now — our soldiers are trying to keep themselves alive and trying to keep each other alive at this point right now.”

He re-enlisted – did not have to. He wanted to. His mother did not want him to. She was willing to run him over in a car to give him an out.

Again from here, in the middle of a leftwing diatribe, she lets out what is the truth about Casey’s perspective:

” Casey was a good soldier who loved his family, his community, his country, and his God. He was trustworthy and trusting and the leadership of his country seemingly betrayed him.

Casey died saving his buddies and I know so many of our brave young soldiers died doing the same thing”

It is clear Casey believed in the cause and she believes he was betrayed in that belief. He died fighting for that cause, something Cindy recognizes – barely now it seems. More here:

“My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel. Am I stupid? No, I know full-well that my son, my family, this nation, and this world were betrayed by a George Bush who was influenced by the neo-con PNAC agenda after 9/11”

Her son joined (re-enlisted) to protect America. He heard the calling from those who supported the need to go into Iraq. It is clear to Cindy anyone who believes differently than her, including her son, is a stupid fool (for she is not stupid).

So let’s hear from those that Casey and others freed, let’s hear how Iraqis see Casey, his fellow brave Americans and President Bush and those of us still standing strong, pulling for a brighter future [hat tip The Anchoress]:

know how you feel Cindy, I lived among the same pains for 35 years but worse than that was the fear from losing our loved ones at any moment. Even while I’m writing these words to you there are feelings of fear, stress, and sadness that interrupt our lives all the time but in spite of all that I’m sticking hard to hope which if I didn’t have I would have died years ago.

Ma’am, we asked for your nation’s help and we asked you to stand with us in our war and your nation’s act was (and still is) an act of ultimate courage and unmatched sense of humanity.

Our request is justified, death was our daily bread and a million Iraqi mothers were expecting death to knock on their doors at any second to claim someone from their families.

We practiced our freedom first by kicking and burning the statues and portraits of the hateful idol who stole 35 years from the life of a nation.
For the first time air smelled that beautiful, that was the smell of freedom.

The mothers went to break the bars of cells looking for the ones they lost 5, 12 or 20 years ago and other women went to dig the land with their bare hand searching for a few bones they can hold in their arms after they couldn’t hold them when they belonged to a living person.

I recall seeing a woman on TV two years ago, she was digging through the dirt with her hands. There was no definite grave in there as the whole place was one large grave but she seemed willing to dig the whole place looking for her two brothers who disappeared from earth 24 years ago when they were dragged from their colleges to a chamber of hell.

We did not choose war for the sake of war itself and we didn’t sacrifice a million lives for fun! We could’ve accepted our jailor and kept living in our chains for the rest of our lives but it’s freedom ma’am.
Freedom is not an American thing and it’s not an Iraqi thing, it’s what unites us as human beings.

Cindy, if cannot find solace in the fact that humanity was brought back into the lives of 50 million people, through the sacrifice of your son, then there is little hope for you returning to your son. Right now you the baseless claims of those who opposed what your son believed, what your son fought for, what your son died for.

Cindy – do you truly want to know why your son died? Go to Iraq, without your left wing handlers (they will still be here when you get back if you still need them). Go to Iraq with the rest of Casey’s family. Go see what Casey saw. Do not listen to Michael Moore – he has never been to Iraq, and is simply trying to make a buck. Moore is not changing the world for better. Moore wants you to remember a different Casey. A duped and betrayed Casey. A foolish Casey.

Go to Iraq Cindy. But only with your family. Reconnect to your son. If his memory dies in you, who else will keep it alive? Find Casey and forget the politics. You cannot change the politics, you cannot change the world, you can only sacrifice what you have for some one else’s agenda. Are you the victim you have become to believe your son is?

Go to Iraq Cindy.


From this I have lost all hope Cindy will reconnect with Casey’s memory and spirit

And I’m gonna say, “OK, listen here, George. #1, you quit, and I demand, every time you get out there and say you’re going to continue the killing in Iraq to honor the fallen heroes by continuing the mission; you say, except Casey Sheehan.’ ”

“And you say except for all the members of Goldstar Families for Peace’ cuz we think not one drop of blood should be spilled in our families’ names. You quit doing that. You don’t have my permission.”

And I’m gonna say, “And you tell me, what the noble cause is that my son died for.” And if he even starts to say freedom and democracy’ I’m gonna say, bullshit.

You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East. You tell me that, you don’t tell me my son died for freedom and democracy.

Cuz, we’re not freer. You’re taking away our freedoms. The Iraqi people aren’t freer, they’re much worse off than before you meddled in their country.

You get America out of Iraq, you get Israel out of Palestine

The poor women thinks this will make the world better. Why? Because that is the propaganda fed to her. But now she is crossing a line. No, not a line that would chaneg the course of the 80% of the country which rejects liberalism run amok. She is within a month of being jettisoned by her liberal handlers. She is out of control. As James Toronto points out in this piece she is speaking the cold harsh liberal line without any PR gloss on it:

So we now have it on absolute moral authority that America is a cancer, that Iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein, and that Israel must be destroyed?

The far left has never been able to stomach such crass expression of their deep felt views because they know it is the kiss of political death. The last time this kind of blunt liberalism was expressed was when Dick Durbin compared our military to Nazis and other plagues of the earth.

The left cannot allow this blunt of speech in a national figure. Cindy will need to be reigned in soon, by her handlers.

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