Feb 24 2008

Abortion Kills Young Humans – Scientific Fact

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A fetus (and an embryo) are a human being in a young stage of life. This fact of science, which is provable in a court of law using the same DNA tests used in courts across this land, is becoming ingrained in the moral psyche of humanity. The last hold outs are the mindless pro-abortion pushers and, surprisingly, doctors and other medical professionals. The medical profession has a history of distilling choices down to valueless and emotionless parameters, in which a human life is not more important than the life of a rare species. And this cold-hearted ‘objectivity’ can cause havoc on those feeling and caring people who attempt to fold this coldness into difficult and emotional issues.

To the point where three lives are now uselessly destroyed and gone due to totally immoral recommendations from a ‘medical professional’:

An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: “I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum.”

An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: “I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum.”

“She was only going ahead with the abortion because her boyfriend did not want the twins.

“I believe this is what led Emma to take her own life – she could not live with what she had done.”

“I am satisfied that everything was done to make sure that Emma consented to the operation.

She added: “We have since appointed more counsellors so there is more holiday cover.”

Her boss at the clinic, said: “The time that can be given to a woman by a counsellor is limited in a busy hospital.

“I am satisfied everything was done to make sure Emma was consenting to surgery. I don’t feel there was any gap in the counselling service.

Three lives useless lost and these professionals are ‘satisfied’? Gimme a break. Only cold, emotionless bureaucrats cold find nothing much ado about the loss of twin babies and their young mother. This especially hits home for LJStrata and I who have twin girls who were a huge surprise late in our marriage (our older two are in college and beyond). We had a lot of CYA advice from doctors who were more concerned about getting caught in a malpractice suit than challenges our twins had in coming to term.

The tragedy of this case is that there was time – plenty of time – to make sure the woman was making the best choice from her and not reacting to issues of a loser boy friend.

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  1. Whippet1 says:

    The woman’s choice was made when she chose to have sex with a boyfriend who obviously wasn’t “father” material.

    Abortion (other than in cases of incest or rape) is another choice made by women (and men) who have no concept of personal responsibility. Maybe pro-choice is the accurate term, however the choice is made prior to getting pregnant…not after.

    This tragedy was compounded by those professionals who see abortion as an act of courage instead of an act of murder and don’t see how anyone could possibly have any emotional issues surrounding their decision.

  2. Buckland says:

    You may want to edit the quote. There’s a repeated ‘graph.

    I was interested in that everytime I’ve seen this story it talks about ‘An Artist’. Why was that important to the story? Would the occupation have been so prominent if she were a teacher? A sales clerk?

    I guess the unspoken attitude is that artists are a little flakey and this sort of thing is par for the course. Or maybe since most artists tend to be liberal reconsidering abortion is novel? I just couldn’t figure why the occupation was important.

  3. NNB says:

    I took the reference to the ‘artist’ as a liberal. Most of the artists I am acquainted with are very liberal in their personal and political lives as well as thinking they are more ‘enlightened’ in philosophy and sophistication.

    So, I read the news that an artist realizing she was indeed truly brokenhearted over doing what everyone else said was ‘no big deal’ as a realization that her enlightened self, boyfriend and friends were really wrong (“you have no maternal instincts; it’s just tissue; you can have children when you are more ‘ready’ “) . And her head knowledge colllided with what she knew was inside her heart.