Feb 23 2008

The Ever Changing Obama Platoon Lie

Obama was heading for a nomination win and possibly the presidency – until he opened his mouth and instead of simple spousing vacant platitudes he tried to tell a tale, a tall tale it seems. Now the wunderkind is looking very naive regarding a key element of being President – being Commander-in-Chief and running the military during a time of war.

I posted on this mater yesterday. It includes the video of a very uncomfortable Obidiot Obama during the Dem Debate trying to tell how a rifle platoon was split apart to fight in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He went further to tell how they were so starved for weapons (guns and bullets) they had to steal them from the “Taleeban”. It was way too much a made-for-TV tale to miss how lame it was and how it flies in the face of the realities of the military. I noted yesterday in this first post how a Commander-in-Chief cannot think about the platoon level details – if he does he is lost. That was Barack’s first mistake – you need to think presidential, not like a lieutenant heading a platoon.

Then ABC News really did Obama in by doing a shoddy ‘fact check’ that was nothing more than getting an echoed response from the ‘source’ of this tall tale. I noted late yesterday that new details actually eroded Obama’s tall tale and opened more problems. First off, the unit was never split, it lost people here and there during its months of training at Fort Drum. And it was not sent to Afghanistan to fend for itself for weapons, as Obama not-so-eloquently claimed. But most importantly a new twist had been added to the story of the poor deprived rifle platoon – a twist that actually exposes this as a political spin job and not an actual account. And this had to do with Hummvees (not mentioned by Obama at all)

Let me step back and explain why I see this as a party propaganda tall tale. First the spin room reaction to get a correction out through Jake Tapper of ABC News was way too fast. Up until the correction the big news was Clinton’s ‘xeroxed changed’ comment and snippet from the same debate in Texas. Only a few sites, like Gateway Pundit, had a copy of this other debate snippet and were laughing at it. Through the day I and other bloggers started responding – but it was a conservative blogosphere reaction at that point. And that is when Jake Tapper went and did his fact checking. Which means someone was monitoring the blogs and detected the rising problem.

The story was not big nationally. But it was gaining steam and somehow, just as that momentum was building, a media outlet was in touch with the source of this tall tale within an hour or so of the building controversy. That my friends is the response time of political operatives who sensed the problem and knew how to get second version a compliant media resource (a.k.a, a media puppet). But I like two pieces of evidence (one collaborating the other) and there is another piece of evidence – this new twist added in fact checking. The new detail provided by Jakc Tapper was the unit’s deployment without up-armored Hummvees.

A big liberal propaganda piece from 2003-2004 was the lack of up-armored Hummvees. It is no coincidence, in my mind, that the ABC News ‘fact checking’ correction included this ‘new’ twist from the liberal propaganda media kit. Version two of this story was not only quickly released, it tried to tie into a partially successful propaganda piece from the past. Problem is – it was the wrong past. The ABC News ‘fact check’ put the deployment of this unit in Afghanistan from Summer 2003 to Spring 2004. As I noted in my second post up-armored Hummvees were not slated for deployment until early 2004 and were prioritized for Iraq. So the concept that this Captain’s platoon was slated for deployment with up-armored hummvees must be a propaganda twist, it could not possibly be fact. It was a lame attempt to shore up a lame tall tale.

And today the story changes yet again!

The captain told NBC News that he was talking about not having enough ammunition and no Humvees for training, but that his unit underwent a three-week crash course in Afghanistan before they saw combat.

Now all of sudden this poor platoon was limited in the material they had for training. So did they go steel the material from the “Taleeban” like Obama said they did? Of course not, not from Fort Drum! Our brave Captain seems to be working feverishly with the liberal media to try and salvage this major gaffe that illustrates how unprepared and inexperienced Obama is to be Commander-in-Chief:

The captain, who spoke on background because he’s still active duty, said that his unit temporarily had to replace their .50-caliber turret-mounted machine gun with a weapon seized from the Taliban because they couldn’t get a needed part fast enough.

He did not say that any of the shortages contributed to any combat casualties in his unit. But he said any shortage, whether in training or combat operations, was inexcusable for the U.S. military.

This vanilla rephrasing to make this nothing more than a story about a delayed spare part is the work of political operatives trying to stem the tide of disaster. And the media is doing all it can to help save Obama the Obidiot for telling such a tall (and now confirmed false) tale. In fact you can tell the media knew exactly were the old up-armor story came from because they quoted the same December 2003 story I did in my second post – which proves the problems with the timeline.

So now the story is a unit in Afghanistan had delays in getting a part. And my guess is they were held back and performed security duty instead of any forward action until their unit was back to square one. Will we ever know for sure? Yes we will because the Senate is going to investigate this charge of criminal malfeasance on the part of the military – as they should:

Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.), former chairman of the Armed Services Committee, sent a stern letter to colleague Barack Obama today, challenging the Democratic presidential candidate to provide information about an Army officer he cited in Thursday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate.

Warner also has asked Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to help him get to the bottom of the captain’s complaints.

For Obama’s part, his campaign made clear that he wants the captain’s comments on the front burner.

Obama just proved everything Hillary has been saying about his emptiness and inexperience. So did Obama’s tall tale damage his chances for an early victory in the primaries? Oh most definitely. But will it stop him on his way to get creamed by a real war hero who will just slaughter Obama on matters of national defense? I would say Hillary has plenty of time to let the media and the GOP expose this gaffe for all its ignorance and falsehoods. But if not John McCain is standing there ready to explain the realities of the military and national defense to the young, inexperienced and vacuous junior senator fromm illinois.

Make sure to check out Ace of Spades post on the matter today for some unfettered analysis.

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  1. Terrye says:

    And besides, when these people {like Obama} talk about cutting funding to the military what does that mean? What exactly are those funding cuts going to look like to the people on the ground needing supplies? How will it effect them?

  2. conman says:

    Whippet & Terrye, you guys crack me up. My comments about Obama’s rallies was sarcasm – I was embellishing for effect. You take yourself way too seriously! Next time I’ll be more obvious with my sarcasm so as not to confuse you, which doesn’t appear to be overly difficult. Oh by the way, every other comparison is accurate and I haven’t heard anyone refute them yet.

    I’m also glad that Greendad said something to put you in your place AJ. You always miss the forest through the trees. The issue is not the accuracy of this specific story or example, but the general issue regarding the enormous strain on our military in several respects (equipment, number and duration of tours, etc.). But since you cannot pass up an opportunity to slame a Democrat and support your idol Bush and the GOP, you missed the fact that Obama is raising a big problem that Bush and the GOP conveniently ignore. This is a major concern of a lot of Americans, liberals and conservatives, whom question our ability to maintain our current troop levels for undefined/extended periods of time. That is a big part of the reason we question Bush’s overall strategy on the GWOT, not because we are cowards, jihadist or whatever other derogatory term you use to describe people whom disagree with you on this topic . I guess it is easy for you to ignore when you are sitting comfortably in your home and someone else has to deal with the problem.

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    The solution to the resource problem with the military is to increase resources allocated to the military.

    This means a massive increase in the size of the force.. which is long long long overdue.

    The answer is not to embolden Islam anymore than Bush has already emboldened it in other areas.

    It’s really a bad sign that whenever there’s a discussion about what our military policy should be NO ONE looks at from the POV of our enemies.

    Our emeny is like HIV (don’t take this analogy too far)..

    Some people are sleeping around, having a good time, they know there’s something out there that will kill them, but they really don’t care because its not killing that person at that time…

    there’s medicines now that can prolong your life if you get it.. so it’s not absolutely fatal if the treatment works

    So you’re sleeping around.. but you worry about colds, so you’re taking Vitamin C and do other things to make sure your heath is ok

    You dont know that inside you’re infected… you have a suspicion you might be cuz you been really sleeping around.. you should be acting as if you’re infected.. but you have no proof that you are, and you’re avoid a test because you dont want to know really.

    So you choose to ignore the possibly that you’re infected.

    Inside the virus is at work,… destroying all your defenses by stealth.

    You dont know anything about it.. and you really dont care.. after all you’re a big bad human person, and the virus you can’t even see it.. so really what threat can it pose… what do you care what its agendga is.. if it’s so small then it’s agenda is meaningless.

    But it knows you. The HIV knows you so well it knows exactly how to manipulate your DNA.. even you dont know yourself that well.

    It’s now turned your defenses into factories to reproduce itself.

    Now inside you have you enclaves of HIV , and your defenses are steadily, not dramaticly or noticably, being irradicated.

    Maybe one day someone will fly planes into the World Trade Center,and you have to go the hospital for a week for an infection that didn’t heal.. but once you’re out, you haven’t gotten sick in a few months.. so that must have been a fluke cold.

    I could go on. But I think you get the point.

    Our enemy is out there.. plotting our demise for the goal of implementing thier god’s law on the whole world. They are on a divine mandate to destroy us.

    We talk about leaving Iraq without one bit of thought about what that means to the Islamists.

    People who make these suggestions without taking into consideration how we’re viewed by our enemy are putting all of us at risk.

  4. chrenson says:

    So, is CNN guilty of “shoddy journalism” too? Does this not corroborate Obama’s remarks? I mean, Army chief of staff Gen. George Casey does have some experience in the matter. Check out:


    And come on, guys. Is “Obidiot” the best you can do? Man, Barack has got this election in the bag!

    “I’m placing my hope in a military coup.” [Left by VinceP1974] This seems to be the neo-con answer to every problem.

  5. VinceP1974 says:

    ““I’m placing my hope in a military coup.” [Left by VinceP1974] This seems to be the neo-con answer to every problem.

    Left by chrenson on February 27th, 2008”

    Calling people with views you dont like , “neocons” is your response to every comment.

    I’m not a neocon.