Feb 21 2008

Don’t Reward The NY Times Mudslinging

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Everyone is all atwitter with a NY Time article that states McCain (a politician) was meeting with a lobbyist while the Senate had related legislation on its docket. The core of the article is all office gossip that there was maybe an affair, or some advisors were concerned that some mud-mucking media outlet would write a story hinting at an affair.

In steps the NY Times to play the part of the mud-mucking media. If you want to test your ability to be independent of the brain washing media you can ask yourself what in the world is so interesting or serious about a lobbyist meeting a politician? If you even pretend to repeat some BS line from the media frenzy then you are a pawn of the media. OK folks, I am going back to more serious stuff – are there any Scooby Doo cartoons on this time of day?

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4 Responses to “Don’t Reward The NY Times Mudslinging”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Lots of things in play here.

    This story was being worked and disputed by McCain people behind the scenes with the NYT people who still ran with the story.

    That background discussion occurred BEFORE the NYT endorsed McCain.

    Supposedly the NYT was getting pressure from TNR to publish or they would. Now there is a prime source to go with a lot of editorial cred from. What else , did they consult Jason Blair?

    The left side blogs are totally jumping on the story, McCain’s staff is calling it crud and Politico has a written response from McCain and he also called it bull in his press conference this morning.

    Talk radio is on Mc’s side on this, not out of a lot of love for Mc, but just on the political spin it is all taking on.

    Also the left side blogs are trying to make some issues over FEC issues with the loan Mc took out for his campaign until his donations picked up when others dropped out.

    Got to wonder who is behind all this stuff. I have someone who I lean toward, but no proof to make the case.

  2. WWS says:

    This, oddly enough, is probably going to help McCain greatly in the long run. Helps remind everyone on the right who the true enemy is, and just how low they’ll go to win.

    As far as the story – it boils down to this: 8 years ago, some people thought some meetings McCain was having might look inappropriate, although no one ever knew of anything improper actually having been done. and that’s it! what a pathetic excuse for news.

  3. danking_70 says:

    It’s good to see McCain respond immediately to this hatchet job. Something the Bush Administration never did to all our dismay.

    Can’t wait for the NY Times story about Obama’s recent drug use, Lobbyist ties, and gay rendevous’.

  4. Frogg says:

    Today’s media makes me sick inside. I cancelled my newspaper years ago; and only wish it had been the NYT (but, I live elsewhere). Today’s media is borderline propoganda. It isn’t ruled by a dictator or state; but, in an even more dangerous manner is in a situation to just simply run amuk.

    So, I can ignore it; but, I am still angry. Angry! Angry!

    I was glad to see McCain face this head on. It was also in his favor to take questions from the press until there were no more. I believe he came out on top of this.

    Everyone is sick of political smears that aren’t based on any truth.