Feb 21 2008

Taliban And al-Qaeda Rejected From Their Birth Place In Pakistan Elections

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Bumped & Updated: I am not alone in fighting the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the liberal media and talking heads on what has happened in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s election has been portrayed by the Western media as a defeat for President Pervez Musharraf. The real losers were the Islamist parties.

The Islamist defeat in Pakistani confirms a trend that’s been under way for years. Conventional wisdom had it that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the lack of progress in the Israel-Palestine conflict, would provide radical Islamists with a springboard from which to seize power through elections.

The facts tell a different story. So far, no Islamist party has managed to win a majority of the popular vote in any of the Muslim countries where reasonably clean elections are held. If anything, the Islamist share of the vote has been declining across the board.

The word ‘wisdom’ should never be used in a sentence when dealing with the elite talking heads and liberal media. They live in fantasy worlds which reality left behind years ago – right after 9-11. – end update

The ‘awakening’ in Pakistan is taking a different form than the one that happened in Iraq, mainly because Pakistan has been a democracy (to some degree) while Iraq has been under a fascist dictator who modeled himself after the butcher Stalin. So the method of breaking free from the clutches of extreme Islam would of course be a bit different. But there is an awakening happening in Pakistan, and it is rejecting al-Qaeda and the Taliban – and in the region from which these fascist movements were born.

To the contrary of the biased media reporting it is not Musharraf who took the beating in the recent elections (he is in office for the next few years and can rebuild his party’s standing). It was the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Islamo Fascists (a.k.a. extremists) who were told the get lost by the people of Pakistan:

Fed up with violence and economic hardship, voters in the deeply conservative northwest have thrown out the Islamist parties that ruled this province for five years — a clear sign that Pakistanis are rejecting religious extremism in a region where al-Qaida and the Taliban have sought refuge.

Instead, voters in turbulent North West Frontier Province, which borders Afghanistan, gave their support to secular parties that promised to pave the streets, create jobs and bring peace through dialogue and economic incentives to the extremists.

That may conflict with U.S. pressure to step up the fight against armed militants linked to al-Qaida and the Taliban.

“They didn’t do anything for the people,” Bokhari Shah, 65, said of the religious parties. “They have done nothing to help the people, and we are afraid to even come out from our homes because of all these bomb blasts.”

Contrary to the media view this could cause problems for ridding the area of Bin Laden’s butchers and his pals from the Taliban, the clear referendum sent by the people of the ‘lawless’ region of Pakistan – thought to be the last large hold out for al-Qaeda and hideout for Bin Laden – was to throw the bums out. And since these thugs prey on the locals with brutal ferocity I doubt they would care one wit if the eviction came at the end of a gun or through a funeral procession. This is supposed to be the one region where al-Qaeda has sanctuary because of broad and deep support. But the election results clearly indicate something different. This is not Palestine where a terrorist organization was swept into power through elections. Just the opposite it would seem.

The media has never understood the war of good against evil and how Western civilization – and the role model and support the US provides – can win the day over brutality and violence. Why they cannot grasp this is of minor interest to me, it is just a well documented fact that has been demonstrated from the SurrederMedia calls of a quagmire in Afghanistan, through their calls for a rapid retreat from Iraq, and now in the doom & gloom predictions for Pakistan. They have been all 100% wrong in terms of which way they said things would turn out. It’s as if they were projecting their desires onto the lives of those being oppressed and murdered and tortured But these people in Pakistan have a different world view which doesn’t revolve around George W Bush.

Five years ago, voters in this mostly Pashtun province — many of them from the same ethnic group as the Afghan Taliban — set off alarm bells in the U.S. when they elected a provincial government dominated by a coalition of pro-Taliban clerics — the United Action Alliance.

The alliance rode to victory on the crest of public outrage over the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, not only winning control of the North West Frontier but taking 12 percent of the vote in national parliament balloting as well.

“They made false promises. They said they would give us education, food and jobs but they didn’t give us anything. They were all lies,” said retired soldier Mohammed Akram Shah. “I am from a village of more than 30 homes and we don’t have any electricity even after five years.”

During Monday’s election, voters showed they had enough.

It has been proven by Bush and others who stood the course against terrorism that America is a worthy nation, a determined ally to the oppressed and still that shining city on the hill others around the world want to emulate. al-Qaeda has been rejected in Iraq, and now it has been soundly rejected in its birth place in the FATA and NWFP of Pakistan. This is like the Nazis being rejected in Germany and Berlin – it is a clear sign the end of al-Qaeda may be approaching, if not here already.

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  1. kathie says:

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. This is from “Gateway Pundit” and is a bit disturbing.

    One leader, Benazir Bhutto’s husband Asif Ali Zardawi of the PPP is a crook who is accused of stashing 60 million Swiss francs ($55 million) in the Alpine country. The other party leader Nawaz Sharif from the PML (N) wanted to impose Sharia law on Pakistan when he was prime minister and has reportedly met with Osama bin Laden on several occations.

  2. RobinSolana says:

    I am a glass half full kinda guy.
    Your comments on Pakistan elections seem
    unconventional and brilliant in their fresh thinking
    to me.
    The crash of the islamasists at the polls, the
    new awakening that you mention may be a big
    Pakistan is a democracy, just a little different
    from what we are used to. From time to time
    the military steps in (think Turkey).
    It may be time for them
    to let the corrupt civilians thrash around for a while.

    There are a number of good things that have happened
    while Musharraff has been leading. Peace with India
    and a growing economy are 2 of them.
    If the islamisist tide has been turned back
    by the “awakening” that could be a third.

    There are tides in the affairs of men, it may
    be that the islamasist tide is going out.
    Partly thanks to the New Greatest Generation.

  3. AJStrata says:


    Well it you like unconventional you came to the right place. Some think I am a bit mad.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    From some of the sites I read on the net, the military and ISI have been a bit two sided on the Taliban, because they use them as irregular forces in the Kashmir region to fight India over that disputed area.

    Now that India seems to have allowed the whole issue to take a lesser importance, the ‘need’ for the Taliban is diminished.

    Plus they really are not to good at making friends with the people by their methods.

    Over all Pakistan is , as pointed out above, similar to Turkey with a strong religion influence, but a population that has a large secular segment to it as far as lifestyle goes.

    The Taliban and AQ have been linked back to some of the terror attacks in India. Those guys just seem to try to bite off more than they can chew all the time and wonder just why things are going peachy keen for them.

  5. owl says:

    Partly thanks to the New Greatest Generation.

    Yep, and President George W Bush as CIC.