Aug 13 2005

VHD – Shut Up and Listen

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Victor Davis Hanson has a great piece out today reminding all of us to shut up and listen to what our enemies are saying. And they are saying a lot.

“You will find that the Jews were behind all the civil strife in this world. The Jews are behind the suffering of the nations.”

“The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews — even the stones and trees which were harmed by them…The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew.”

Nothing could be clearer than that promise of another holocaust

Supposedly we in the ‘West’ came out of WW II promising another holocaust would never happen again. And that was the leftwing’s rationale for going into Yugoslavia without UN sanction but with another coalition of the willing (sideline watchers since it was mainland Europeans), and bombing a prefectly legal state which did not harbor terrorists, or have WMDs. But when liberals want to kill people it is OK to break rules.

What liberals do not seem ready to do is stop a holocaust, especially if it will help their political opponents. I guess that is because, in the end, political survival is more important to liberals than any amount of death and destruction. At least it seems that way. Overthrow the Taliban? Not if Bush gets credit. Take out Saddam? Not if Bush gets credit. Spread democracy in the ME? Not if Bush gets credit. Some more comments from AQ:

But no, the Dr. instead lists a number of grievances beyond Iraq that justify his terrorist cadres murdering innocents. One complaint, for example, is “Stopping the robbing of our oil and resources.”

Examine that gripe carefully.

Oil is now at record highs. I just filled up with regular gas at $2.89 on a California interstate. It costs the Middle East about $3-4 a barrel to pump petroleum that was discovered, developed, and marketed for the Gulf autocracies through hated Western expertise — and is now selling at over $60. Despite Zawahiri’s rants, billions of poor the world over are being price gauged to enrich a Muslim world flush with petrodollars.

Why oil? Simple. Because the leftward fringes have made the case here that we are in Iraq to get cheap oil. And the terrorists know their only allies in the west are the liberal fringe. And the liberal fringe is drunk with the thought they could have a say in how things turn out. Not how well they turn out. Just the fact they have a say on TV and in the media.

One last quote from AQ

“Democracy, human rights, and freedom are all but hollow illusions, with which they tranquilize inhabitants.”

The concept that liberal fanatics are short sighted, media junkies is becoming quickly evident as the terrorists use the egotistical drives in these people to get them to jump up and disavow the fact that 50 million people are freed from oppression, torture, rape rooms, mass graves and the concept of women as property (instead of women as people). Amazing manipulation.

Liberals are the joyful puppets of people who would behead each and every liberal under their reign. So while we need to be quiet and listen to our enemies -we also need to remember that the left can’t help themselves because they are on a fame/ego trip. They can’t shut up. But we can certainly tune them out.

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