Feb 20 2008

Obama Momentum Will Not Last, He Has Little Staying Power

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Congrats to Barack Obama on his wins last night. He is doing the nation a great favor by ending the dismal political reign of the Clintons. I would have preferred to see Clinton in the general election because of one simple fact – no one in this nation outside the Clinton Clan wants to see Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton as the leadership of this country over a quarter of a century. We are not into dynasties, and we are not to keen on long standing family feuds either.

One thing I noticed in the comments for my live blog post for the WI primary was how tiresome Obama’s speeches have become to those of us who have seen a couple (and that is all I have seen). I thought it was just us conservatives but I have noticed he is wearing thin on some die-hard liberals as well:

No? Finally.

Lordy, talk about a man in love with his own voice.

Keith Olbermann reported Mr. Obama wouldn’t be using a teleprompter tonight. No kidding.

Word of the night:

ram·bling (rmblng)

1. Often or habitually roaming; wandering.
2. Extended over an irregular area; sprawling: a large rambling country estate.
3. Lengthy and digressive: a rambling speech.

And more here:

Tuesday night was an entirely different story. His speech lasted what Fox News’ Brit Hume counted as 45 minutes; it was, Hume said, the longest election night speech of this presidential campaign thus far. And it was heavy on issue positions; Obama spoke — for example — about the war in Iraq, about foreign policy generally, about health care, about education, about lobbyists, about the economy, about trade, about taxes, about the minimum wage, about energy, about Darfur and about immigration.

But what the speech had in discussion of issues, it was noticeably lacking in the energy that has been a hallmark of Obama’s previous election night speeches. Several audience members (we counted at least four, and that was without effort at an accurate tally) sitting behind him, visible to television cameras, started speaking on cell phones. Many looked bored. Actually, at times, even Obama looked bored, unenthusiastic about what he was saying.

Details are boring, and deflating. And Obama is more liberal than America by a wide margin. I just don’t see “Big Bird” Obama and his Sesame Street simplistic world view holding up for 9 more months.

Enjoy it while it lasts Barack – but even a lot Hillary supporters are too serious about national issues to believe a political novice with simple minded views on complex matters is a safe choice in a dangerous world.

Update: More negative reactions on Obama’s wandering stem winder:

Unlike most everyone else, I thought Obama’s speech last night was pretty uninspiring and not particularly well delivered. In the end it was too long and boring.

And that is from another lefty blog.

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6 Responses to “Obama Momentum Will Not Last, He Has Little Staying Power”

  1. WWS says:

    The dream scenario is if Obama wins most of the primaries and delegates this spring – but then the curtain falls and over the summer it becomes widely recognized that he’s just a rhetoric spewing empty suit. Then, in a fit of remorse the superdelegates give the nomination to Hillary, even though she lost the primaries. With that move, the dem party should dissolve into total chaos.

    Btw, I’m coming around to the idea that Tim Pawlenty would be the ideal veep candidate for McCain. Huckabee’s stayed past his shelf date – he said the other day “I may be killing my career by doing this.” Well, you got one thing right, Huck.

  2. kathie says:

    Listening to Lanny Davis last night I got the feeling that the Dem big wigs know Obama is an empty suit and they are not happy about his wins. Remember the super-delegates were set up to take down Jesse Jackson because they thought he could not win a national election and a national election win is the goal. So watch for a lot of talk about Hill and delegates in the coming days. I think Obama will win Texas and then all hell will break out from the Clintons. They will not go down easily.

  3. owl says:

    There has been something spooky about this Voice being promoted by ‘someone’ with cash from the beginning.

    I am not sure but what he will ride it all the way to the WH. Anyone see him do his Houston gig? The most excited crowds I have seen in a long time. Reminds me of preaching at an old time revival.

  4. Soothsayer says:

    Anyone been looking at the number of total votes lately?

    Last night, Hillary got more votes than McCain and Huckabee combined (Hillary 452,000/McHuck 375,000) . Obama got far more than that (645,000). Ditto in Virginia (1,000,000 Dems/500,000 Reps) and Maryland (750,000 Dems/280,000 Reps) with Democrats getting out at least half again as many voters as Republicans.

    Obama will win Texas, probably win Ohio, be the nomined and will take 40+ states (including Texas) in the General Election against the Crazy Old Cootâ„¢, drawing records numbers of voters (youth, independent and moderate Republicans) to the polls in November and dragging in new Democrats in both the House and Senate with his coattails.

    I’ve had to spend some time lately making sure that Obama whupped Hillary; now I can take a break and relax foir a while…

  5. The Macker says:

    Your turnout numbers reflect the close horse race in your party. In the general election, the serious voters will see the “old coot” matched up against either an “empty suit” or a “tired, old feminist.” We shall see.

  6. the struggler says:


    Are you gonna say the same thing on EVERY thread?