Feb 14 2008

Will Obama & The Surrendercrats Leave Iraq To Be A Launching Pad To Attack Israel?

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The Democrats have a real problem regarding their policy to retreat from Iraq post-haste. And that problem is that the only other group who would see this approach as a benefit is al-Qaeda themselves. Thankfully the two camps (Surrendercrats and Islamo Fascists) are not really on the same side (though it is hard to tell most days) and keep working to cross purposes. For example, al-Qaeda has come out today and claimed Iraq will be a launching pad to attack Israel – or at least what little area they can still operate within inside Iraq:

he purported leader of al-Qaida’s affiliate in Iraq called in a new posting on a militant Web site on Thursday for attacks on Israel and proposed that Iraq’s territory be a “launching pad” to seize Jerusalem.

Now that al-Qaeda has made clear their intentions to attack Israel from Iraq it is also clear any precipitous retreat from Iraq will only assist al-Qaeda and make it easier for them to attack our long time ally. Will Barack Obama continue his call for retreat and surrender with this threat out their against our ally in the ME? We all know he will negotiate with Iran and invade Pakistan, so I have no doubt he will ignore the threat to Israel and continue to demand withdrawal of our troops. And the situation with Hezbollah only aggravates this threat to Isreal.

Which will make an interesting decision for the Jewish voters who nominally back the Dems. Will they follow Barack or Joe Lieberman (who is supporting McCain)? I am also confident on which way that would go. “Big Bird” Obama has painted himself into a corner. He can ignore this open threat from al-Qaeda regarding Iraq and Israel and lose the saner middle of America, or he can retreat from his call to retreat and inflame the nutroots. Either way – he loses a lot of support.

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  1. owl says:

    I’ve never understood how Jewish voters could vote Dem in today’s world. How could they ever trust them to watch their backs after their history in Vietnam and Iraq? (Btw, Drudge has that Sheehan is in Egypt…….she sure knows how to choose a worthy cause!)

  2. WWS says:

    Obama will ignore this and pretend it never happened, and all of his koolaid drinkers will dutifully do the same thing. Whatever Obama says must be true. Painted into a corner? There is no corner, because Obama says so.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s top foreign relations advisor, Carter retread Brzezinski is in Syria, cozying up to the Assad regime and undoubtedly promising them all kinds of goodies in the Obama era.


    Of course, there will probably be no need for Iraq to be a launching ground for terrorist attacks since Obama will make sure Syria is a safe haven.

  3. kathie says:

    Oh come on, why is Israel more important then college education for all and health care for all. Not that if you really want to go to college you can’t or if your really sick you can’t get help. But let’s pretend that Israel is not very important, and if they think they are, well let them take care of themselves.

  4. Cobalt Shiva says:

    But let’s pretend that Israel is not very important, and if they think they are, well let them take care of themselves.

    And when several dozen Arab cities disappear in blinding white flashes, the State Department will say, “JESUS H. CHRIST ON A POGO STICK, WE DIDN’T MEAN FOR YOU TO DO THAT!

  5. the struggler says:


    “JESUS H. CHRIST ON A POGO STICK.” LoL! HaHa. That’s an image.I can see the beard,hair and robes flowing. Ha!

  6. dave m says:

    But surely we all are to just trust Big Bird.
    Earthly events do not matter.
    We trust Big Bird and He will take us to a new promised land
    called Land of Hope Level II.
    We trust Big Bird and the Mothership is already on it’s way to
    pick up the True Believers.
    Only the True Believers.
    You must vote for Him to be allowed onto The Mothership.
    Oh Big Bird, we trust in you completely.

  7. owl says:

    And this is where I pipe up with that ole tired ‘MSM’ theme. Can’t help it, because it is true. They are not dead and they still have control. There is not enough money in the Party to counteract it. Big Bird Jones rolls on as the annointed Elvis. Don’t believe it? Look at it up against the Clinton Machine. Did you ever hear all this about Clinton’s bombing a country without UN or Congress permission?

    My wars: UN, MSM, Terrorists. It is almost impossible to fight the third because you must fight the other two at the same time. Dem Congress has always used the first two as their very own.

    I was a Reaganite but am much prouder of being a Bushbot. He gave em hell for one man.