Feb 13 2008

McCain’s Win In VA Pretty Big at +11%

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Even I was not ready to see this big a win in VA for McCain. With 97.65% of precincts in McCain is ahead 50.86% to 39.68% for Huckabee, which is good 11% win. Not to mention over 50% for McCain in basically a two man race. Time to be a party against liberal defeatism, or be a purity movement against the 80% of the country who disagrees with “true” conservatives. Pick one, I honestly don’t care. But if the RINOs (conservatives in exile) are not in to winning at all costs against Hillary and Obama they better be honest and say so now. The rest of us will act accordingly. I live blogged the evening here

Addendum: With all that said I think it is worth noting Obama won the votes this Tuesday. His tallies dwarf all others – making him not only the front runner, but the odds on favorite to be the next President. Heaven help us if “Big Bird” Obama takes his naive Nirvana, Sesame Street policies into the White House.

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9 Responses to “McCain’s Win In VA Pretty Big at +11%”

  1. kathie says:

    McCain is it. He needs a new speech writer.

  2. dave m says:

    On Hillary and Hussein;

    First check out this website about the
    strange phenomenon that is the Obama campaign:


    feel the weirdness.

    If Hillary is to have any chance she has to abandon the Left
    right now, way ahead of her schedule. It must be difficult arguing from the Left. Both candidates are talking utter nonsense,
    trouble is Obama is doing in the style of an American boxing
    ringside master of ceremonies and Hillary is doing it in well
    style Hillary, which she can’t help.
    So Obama is winning based on pretty much nothing but a moment
    of national hysteria and guru worship. She may as well try to use
    facts to burst his pretty balloon sooner rather than later and she
    can’t use facts and maintain a far Left position.
    Give it up girl, you may still lose but at least you would then have a chance.
    I wonder if this is what Germany was like in the 30s?

  3. Terrye says:

    This whole Obama phenom is weird. I am beginning to wonder if giving 18 year olds the vote was such a good idea after all. How long before someone throws her under wear on the stage at one of his “rallies”?

    I am only half kidding. This whole thing is getting stranger by the day.

    Meanwhile there are people on the right who would see this man as C in C than McCain. They would rather see him placing judges on the court than McCain. Those young people are in the throes of hero worship, what is Ann Coulter’s excuse? Or Rush’s or Newt’s?

  4. Cobalt Shiva says:

    “Meanwhile there are people on the right who would see this man as C in C than McCain. They would rather see him placing judges on the court than McCain. Those young people are in the throes of hero worship, what is Ann Coulter’s excuse? Or Rush’s or Newt’s? ”

    Simple: McCain didn’t kiss their ring and swear fealty to them.

  5. Terrye says:


    Too true.

    I saw this at Pink Flamingo about Malkin and her latest Mexico rant. I think he is a tad strident, but his overall point is well taken. People like Malkin are not half as smart as they think they are. And there are a lot worse things out there than McCain.

  6. KauaiBoy says:

    The sad fact of the matter is that the washington political establishment has so disgusted the vast majority of the population that a relative hack like Obama has an easy time rising in the polls. As to the right wing media big mouths, hit em where it hurts, in their ratings. They have forgotten their place and are now doing the same sanctimonious preaching about how everyone should be thinking. The vast majority of this country is in the middle politically, the established parties thrive and survive by creating imaginary problems that only they can address (but not solve as it would mean less for them to cry about).

  7. 75 says:

    For KauaiBoy…looks like those “right wing media big mouths” ratings are just fine.

    This from Newsbusters:

    Top 100 Radio Host List, Dominated By Conservatives — Rush #1
    By Warner Todd Huston | February 13, 2008 – 11:58 ET
    Talkers Magazine has put out their “2008 Heavy Hundred” list rating radio talk show hosts across the country and one thing is obvious, conservatives still reign supreme in radio.

    The top ten includes one “progressive” (Ed Schultz) and one shock jock (Don Imus), but is otherwise dominated by conservatives. The rest of the list has a smattering of sports guys and a very few more left-talkers, but just as in the top ten, much of the other 90 slots are dominated by conservatives.

    #1- Rush Limbaugh, #2- Sean Hannity, #3- Michael Savage, #4- Dr. Laura Schlessinger, #5- Glenn Beck, # 6- Laura Ingraham, #7- Don Imus, #8- Ed Schultz, #9- Mike Gallagher, #10- Neal Boortz

    In an interview with CNSNews.com, Talkers Mag Editor Michael Harrison discussed the loss of traction seen by several well-known left-talkers.

    Two of the most popular liberal hosts on the list lost ground in the ratings compared to last year. North Dakota-based Ed Schultz dropped from fifth to eighth. Air America Radio’s Randi Rhodes plummeted from 13th to 40th place.

    Amusingly, Harrison tried to soft peddle the loss of status that progressive talkers have seen over the last year.

    Harrison explained that determining liberal hosts’ positions on the list was more difficult than placing conservatives.

    “It’s a very subjective thing, determining the popularity of liberal hosts, because they have this sort of alternate universe they operate in,” he said. “They have more importance because they’re not a dime-a-dozen like so many conservatives out there.”

    I assume that was an effort by the Editor to forestall attacks for being “unfair” to left-talkers. Whatever the case, they fell in status and that cannot be papered over.

    So, congratulations to the conservative talk radio stars that once again made the top 100 list and it shows that conservatism isn’t a dead issue despite how badly Congress has muffed it for us all.

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  8. MerlinOS2 says:

    I still don’t know where CNN is getting their numbers from, but the Va site updated once this morning and stopped again.

    Percentages reporting has gone up but the count is static.

    Right now they show 2417 out of 2455 precincts in 98.45%

    They show about 3000 less for Mc and about 10K less for Huck with 99% reported at CNN.

    On the other side CNN gives Obama about 2k more and Hill about 3k with Va reporting 98.41% in.

    Something doesn’t jive.

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    Right now all the networks are reporting different vote counts and they all differ from the VA site.