Feb 09 2008

Toledo Too Scared To Prepare For Disaster Or Attack

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Since when did Toledo, Ohio become The City of Pansies?

The 200 members of Company A, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., planned to spend their weekend engaged in urban patrol exercises on the streets of downtown as well as inside the mostly vacant Madison Building, 607 Madison Ave.
Toledo police knew days in advance about their plans for a three-day exercise. Yet somehow the memo never made it to Mayor Finkbeiner, who ordered the Marines out yesterday afternoon just minutes before their buses were to arrive.

“The mayor asked them to leave because they frighten people,” said Brian Schwartz, the mayor’s spokesman.

What a buffoon. It’s as if this nut job is just begging al-Qaeda to hit Toledo so he can show off how unprepared his city is. In fact, bad people look for whimps so they can maximize their fear factor. Toledo is now clearly the most frightened city in America, spooked by their fellow American’s practicing to rescue those in need if the situation arises. The mayor will probably pay dearly for making his town out to be such weak-kneed scaredy-cats. I would say his next election is in deep trouble.

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3 Responses to “Toledo Too Scared To Prepare For Disaster Or Attack”

  1. Cao's Blog says:

    Surprise, surprise Mayor Finkbeiner is a democrat…

    Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for that little pearl of wisdom.
    A great article on this controversy is here, entitled “Toledo to Marines: Drop dead”
    We read:
    I gather that Mayor Finkbeiner (a Democrat, readers will be surprised to learn), like th…

  2. scaulen says:

    Come on AJ everyone knows that to get into the Marines you have to kill your parents and eat a live babies heart. Jeez we pay the communists millions of dollars to spread that propaganda for us so Toledo better be quaking in their birkenstocks when they find out we’re coming.

  3. Whippet1 says:

    Once again that Party affiliation was left out. I wonder why?
    When you google this guy you get some pretty strange stuff!