Feb 03 2008

Where In The World Are The Stratas?

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Wow, what a Super Bowl. When was the last time the Super Bowl was in doubt all the way to 35 seconds left! Excellent game. What a great game.

Anyway, here is some fun for folks. Where in the world are the Strata’s? LJStrata and I are enjoying a rare weekend away so can folks guess where we are? Check out the image below and give it your best shot! Congrats to the NY Giants

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11 Responses to “Where In The World Are The Stratas?”

  1. kathie says:

    Snorkeling in the Bahamas’.

  2. kathie says:

    Snorkeling in the Bahamas’.

  3. SallyVee says:

    Key West.

    What have I won?

  4. Goldwater Girl says:

    Chesapeake Bay — near Annapolis?

  5. Terrye says:

    That was a great game. I think Peyton was almost as excited as his brother Eli. Eli looks like such a kid to me. Makes me feel old.

    I am with Sally Vee…Key West.

  6. the struggler says:

    With this Global Warming and all, I’m guessing The North Pole.

  7. the struggler says:

    Hey AJ,

    If you see any polar bears out there make sure to give them a lift. HA!

  8. AJStrata says:

    Bahamas was close. Key West is dead on! Struggler, I am the only polar bear here.

  9. dave m says:

    You’re facing west or southwest (coz pleasure boats
    aren’t up at sunrise).
    The sea is calm so you’re in protected waters,
    which means you are not in Hawaii or the Canaries.
    You’re only away for the weekend so you haven’t left the
    I’m going to guess you are on the Gulf of Mexico,
    so I guess Cape Coral, Florida.

  10. SallyVee says:

    AJ, you mentioned where you were going a week or two ago.

    Struggler, that’s funny — North Pole!

  11. ivehadit says:

    AJ, if you want a great meal and/or a relais and Chateau designated resort (the first in the country), go a tad bit north to mile marker 28: Little Palm Island. You can only get to it by boat (a beautiful chriscraft) or by seaplane. You can have your dining table on the beach with candlelight. The second-best snorkling in North America with underwater music….

    I have “connections”. 🙂