Feb 01 2008

US Finds Bin Laden’s Letters Near Afghan-Pak Border

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Well, it seems we have a lead to where Bin Laden might have been recently, and we get to peak into his world and see how things look from the other side of the War on Terror. US intelligence forces (who operate on both sides of the border) have found letters from Bin Laden:

US secret service agents operating in the remote border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan claim to have found five letters signed by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, Saudi daily Al-Watan said on Thursday.

Citing unnamed local security sources, the newspaper said that the letters are allegedly handwritten in Arabic and bear Bin Laden’s apparent signature and seal.

They appear to have been sent last December to some of Bin Laden’s followers in the region.

It is interesting they found letters to different people in one place. Were these copies Bin Laden kept or were all these people in one place? I would suspect the former. It is interesting to ponder what this might mean for the hunt for Bin Laden.

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