Jan 29 2008

FL Primary Results – Rudy Out, Huck Out, Romney On The Way Out?

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McCain Wins!: OK Amnesty Hypochondriacs, your either with the GOP nominee or against him. Mark Levin was just livid tonight and I expect him to bolt the party being led by John McCain. McCain won in a GOP-only primary. Levin is going to be in good company with Laura, Michelle and Hannity who must face the fact Mr. Shamnesty is going to the GOP leader. He has the lead in NY and CA polls, and this win is only going to add momentum. As I said in an early post, the anger and insults coming from the far right on Miers, Dubai and Immigration Reform have produced this result. The voters said you insult us and our moderate views and we will give you McCain in return. Mitt went full bore on screaming “amnesty” and I can only say it backfired. And in CA and NY it will not get better. Romney is going to limp into Super Tuesday and get hammered by the McCain express. This is new GOP.

Early Impressions: Two things are becoming clear. First, Giuliani is on his way out after a dismal performance in Florida. But so is Romney on his way out. McCain looks to be heading for a win with 45% of the vote in and McCain continuing to expand his lead. And this will only give him momentum going into NY and CA – where he leads in the polls. And the big story in FL – Immigration. McCain is clobbering Romney with Hispanics – which is going to tell the story of this race. Romney jumped onto the Amnesty Hypochondriac bandwagon as is be getting romped for it. I have watched McCain’s lead go from 22,000 votes at 30% precincts reporting to 40,000 with 46% of precincts in. Romney’s hill to climb is getting steeper and I think he is in serious trouble.

While Rudy may be out of the top slot race, I think McCain would do well to pick Rudy as a great VP who can beat Dems in CA and NY. So we are back to the same calculus. A McCain-Giuliani ticket could beat anything the Dems can bring. And what I hope the dems bring is a bruised and beaten Hillary Clinton. She can still survive and become the best thing for the GOP (again).

I have never been a McCaniac – but you go to battle with the candidate you have, not the one you wish to have.

Update: Looks like my guess about a Rudy VP slot for McCain is not that far fetched – it seems rumors are Rudy will endorse McCain this week.

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  1. Bikerken says:

    You guys are all a bunch of liberal schills and you don’t think anyone can see this??? Jeess.

  2. owl says:

    Terrye……. Many of the hard decisions that the President had to make that McCain didn’t agree with, he disagreed with an edge that is unbecoming of a Statesman. That is my belief, and I didn’t like it.

    I agree Kathie and you nailed it.

    McCain disagreed with Bush, he did not diss him. On the two most important and controversial issues that Bush faced, immigration and the war, McCain stuck with him. That is more than can be said for a lot of Bush’s socalled base.

    Terrye, don’t think I agree with most of that. McCain stuck with McCain on the war. And told every media in sight. Immigration? Okay. It could be they held similar views. Did he diss Bush? I say he did it as loudly as possible. When you have the Power and you deliberately allow the NYT to publish Abu Ghraib for years by your silence, I call that dissing someone. When you deliberately label the President as a Torturer, when you are about the only Power on Earth that could stop it, I call that a mighty big Diss.

    I hate his self-rightousness. It’s all about choices. If he is the nominee, I will vote for McCain. I will not sit home. To do so is pure self-gratification. That is selfish, self centered chest thumping by those that would condemn this President when he was faced with decision after decision and could not be so spineless as to take a pass.

    So how about it, you stay at homers? Only WIMPS have the option of not voting when you dabble with politics. You all want the President to have the Spine to make all the Right decisions. How is your Spine feeling about now?

  3. Whippet1 says:

    The Anchoress is really good. I sat there all misty- eyed.

    It’s one thing when we see those in congress making their speeches and casting their votes. It’s pretty easy to tell why they voted the way they did. But when it comes to the President and his decisions there is so much the public will never and can never know. It comes down to trust. And I have always trusted President Bush.