Jan 28 2008

News From The War Front – Children As Weapons, Baitullah Fired

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Update: Michael Totten reports on our victory in Fallujah and how US forces there are down 90% from their high in late 2006 – a clear sign of the future of Iraq thanks to the dedication and determination of our Commander-in-Chief and military forces – end update

It is amazing the democrats are still, after all our successes, trying to surrender Iraq to al-Qaeeda. Especially if you think of the liberal ‘brand’ as supposedly the political group who cares about oppression, families, children. Clearly all that was a facade. Our military, on the other hand, has demonstrated a historic selflessness when it comes to the children and families of Iraq. Which is in stark contrast to our joint enemy – who uses children to deliver ‘suicide’ bombs:

Al-Qaeda is using teenagers as suicide bombers in Iraq, a US military spokesman claimed on Sunday, as an influential Sunni cleric urged the jihadists to stop “strapping bombs to children.”

Rear Admiral Gregory Smith told a news conference in Baghdad that two suicide attacks in Iraq in the past week had been carried out by 15-year-olds.

“We are not sure whether one of these children even knew he was being used to deliver a bomb,” the US military spokesman said.

That is how beaten down al-Qaeda is. They are just as depraved and desperate as another infamous fascist was at his end. Hitler sent children to fight during the last days of Berlin instead of give up. This is not my first post on al-Qaeda’s ‘recruitment’ issues and their conscription of children to die for them. What cowards, and what cowards the dems are for wanting to run away in fear from these animals.

Another defeat for the Surrendercrats and their puppets in the SurrenderMedia – it seems the “Awakening” forces are being integrated into the Iraq security forces:

ome 9,000 members of anti-Qaeda “Awakening” fronts in Iraq have been screened and lined up for training as regular police or soldiers, the US military said on Sunday.

The number represents more than half the 16,000 or so Awakening members, many of whom are former Sunni Arab insurgents.

They have applied to join the regular Iraqi security forces after having been recruited by the US military to fight Al-Qaeda in their own backyard.

The Chicken Littles on the left predicted this home grown uprising would not join the Iraqi national forces and would become the next source of bloodshed. As with all predictions of doom and gloom from the SurrenderManiacs, it was dead wrong.

The fact is Iraqis are now as much ‘the tip of the spear’ against al-Qaeda as US forces are. They are rushing to destroy the remnants of al-Qaeda in Northern Iraq, the last foothold in Iraq:

raqi army reinforcements moved Sunday into positions near the northern city of Mosul, ready to strike al-Qaida in Iraq targets in their last urban stronghold, a top Iraqi officer said.

More here. It seems Iraqis ARE stepping up to defend themselves and are making the choice to stick with America and hunt al-Qaeda (instead of the opposite as hoped for by so many sick folks on the left).

As the war winds down in Iraq, it is heating up in Afghanistan and Pakistan as al-Qaeda retreats to their birthplace between these two countries. Even the media is catching on that our focus is moving from Iraq to the birth place of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The media spins all news to what fits in their little world views, but the fact is success in Iraq is the determining factor in focusing on a retreating terrorist force. There is fighting in many areas of Pakistan, which seems ready to purge itself of the terrorists hiding out in their northern tribal regions (see here here).

However, it seems that Taliban leader Mullah Omar is not happy with the fact the young new Taliban leader Baitullah Meshud, who has ties to al-Qaeda, is fighting Pakistanis instead of NATO and US forces. He is so unhappy he has apparently fired the young Islamo Fascist:

Mullah Omar had dismissed Mehsud for fighting against the Pakistan Army instead of NATO forces, the Asia Times Online reported.

Mehsud, who had been appointed by Omar as the chief of the Pakistani Taleban, was expected to provide support to the Taleban in Afghanistan, but instead directed all his fighters against Pakistani security forces.

The sacking comes at a time when President Pervez Musharraf has launched a massive military operation against Baitullah in South Waziristan.

“The Afghan front is quiet because the Taleban and al- Qaeda militants are heavily engaged in fighting Pakistani security forces in Waziristan. Therefore, Mullah Omar has put his foot down to reset goals for the Taleban: struggle in Afghanistan and not against Pakistan, as was being done by Baitullah Mehsud,” the website reported.

Now this is news! Is Omar realizing that the killing of fellow Muslims is a sin (or at least suicidal politics)? This is how al-Qaeda went from the future of Islam to the enemy of Islam in Iraq. I am not sure how good the reporting is on this news, but if it pans out we have just had another major success in the War on Terror.

And we have had some other successes to. It is being reported a most wanted Taliban terrorist, responsible for bombs in Afghanistan, has been killed. That is good news for the Afghanis. Seems to me we are riding a wave of success as al-Qaeda is diminished militarily, but more importantly diminished in the eyes of the Muslim world. If Mullah Omar is worried about the implications of fighting fellow Muslims, you things have changed drastically.

Chilling Update: It seems the use of children as hostages, and I suppose ‘examples’ of their ‘power’, by terrorists has spread to Pakistan:

Militants have taken up to 250 children hostage at a school in north-west Pakistan after a police shootout, the country’s interior minister said.
“About seven terrorists have taken the school children hostage. There about 200 to 250 children,” the interior minister, Hamid Nawaz, told Agence France-Presse news agency.

Local police said officers had chased the militants into a school in Bannu, near the town of Karak, after the gunmen abducted a health worker.

Police gave chase and in the ensuing shootout one militant was killed and a policeman was injured. The medic escaped, said police official Shakirullah.

“The terrorists are demanding safe passage, the provincial government is in negotiations with them,” said Nawaz. “We hope that the matter will be resolved peacefully.”

What cowards.

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