Jan 26 2008

Live Blogging SC Democrat Primary – Obama Wins! Is Hill 3rd?

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9:33 PM Eastern: OK, Hillary got romped! With 98% if the vote in Obama got 55% and and Hillary only got 27%. I would say Hillary is in deep, deep trouble.

7:45 PM Eastern: Fox is now calling second (a distant 2nd) for Hillary. I might have more on this tomorrow, but this one was over quick!

7:35 PM Eastern: Ugh! My worst fear came true about the turnout issue between the GOP and Dems. As I mentioned in an earlier post if the Dems even came close to the GOP then the 2008 election cycle is going to be a GOP bloodbath. Well Fox News just reported the Dems out performed the GOP this year – they have never come close before. Not good news – the left is energized and getting independents.

7:22 PM Eastern: CBS is out with their web call for Obama here. Fox is hinting they may call 2nd and 3rd soon – maybe that is why Hillary bolted for Nashville. Sounds like she is going for a distant 3rd.

7:16 PM Eastern: Wow, with <1% in Obama has 70%, Clinton 18% and Edwards 12%. Supposedly these are absentee ballots according to Fox News. I know this is not representative of the state, but that is a huge starting point.

7:13 PM Eastern: More live blogging here and here.

7:09 PM Eastern: Hillary is splitting the white vote with Edwards. Barack got 24% of the white vote on top of his 80% of blacks. Fox is saying Hillary is jetting out of SC as we speak on her way to Nashville, TN! She is cutting and running from her debacle. No after primary party for the Clintons in SC. AP calling this a ‘route’ by Obama.

7:04 PM Eastern: AP exit poll data out here. Every network called this race at 7:00 PM! Must be a landslide.

7:00 PM Eastern: Fox did call it for Obama! It is on exit polling only but it cannot even be close. The fight for 2nd is not clear. Clinton may get a 3rd place show!

6:59 PM Eastern: Fox is going to call this at 7:00 PM! Obama wins!?!

6:58 PM Eastern: Juan Williams on Fox says ‘change’ was a big point in the voters minds – Obama. Rich Lowry is pointing to a wave of black support for Obama. I think they are calling this quickly – Clinton is in deep trouble.

6:57 PM Eastern: Fox is saying they will have big news once they can report – sounds like a quick call for Obama and a possible 2nd place for Edwards. Stay tuned!

6:55 PM Eastern: OK, here comes the final numbers. Fox is starting to discuss exit polls and some number stand out. 80% of African-Americans voted for Obama. They also represent 50% of the total vote. The hint is a great night for Barack. Look for the networks to call early. My preliminary post on the race is here. SC formal results found here.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Funny how the media hyped Clinton up as inevitable all year long. Same with Rudy.

    How many delegates do each have?

    Did you read Powerline about Obama’s Malley?

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    After a lot of digging I found a statement on the SC Dem Party site that those who voted in the REP primary are excluded from this primary.

    No double dip voting according to them.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    OCE 51/34/15 2% CNN

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Hill flown the coop headed to Tenn some reports

    OCE 51/29/19 7% MSNBC E closing on C

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Gov Christ Fl endorses McCain

    Reports were he was gonna stay neutral

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    Lurker before the SC results

    Delegate Count per CNN
    C 219
    O 134
    E 53

    45 up for primary in SC 9 super delegates to be named later

  7. kathie says:

    Watch out America, Obama has the wind in his sails…….he is on the move. He is quite something. This man is going to go all the way. He gave a great speech tonight.

  8. owl says:

    The Voice was very inspirational and on target. He went straight for the Latino vote tonight in his speech.

    Darn shame I disagree with him on 99% of policy because he is so likable. Instead, I am forced to vote with the newly appointed Saintly Conservatives who has nothing but contempt for my vote.

    If a Dem wins the WH, the UN wins. That bad Bush almost made them shut their mouths. If a Dem wins, the MSM wins. That bad Bush has made them foam at the mouth. If a Dem wins, say hello to your favorite terrorist.

    The above reasons are the only things on God’s green earth that will make me vote with that same bunch I watched at that ’92 convention.

    If a Dem wins……..well, that will surely get the fence built. Ha.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Lurker before the SC results

    Delegate Count per CNN
    C 219
    O 134
    E 53

    45 up for primary in SC 9 super delegates to be named later

    Ah, I’m reading that Obama’s win is exactly what the Clintons had hoped would happen. This allows the Clintons to play the race card. If that’s the case, they could still win.

    If most of the rest of the country go to Clinton, Clinton can still get the nomination.

  10. momdear1 says:

    Everybody is putting too much credibility on the difference in the turnout for the Dems and Reps. The word I got from SC was that most Republicans feel they can live with whichever candidate is selected but they know they can’t live with either Clinton or Obama so they voted in the Dem primary for Edwards hoping it would slow both Clinton and Obama down. It should not surprise anyone that Obama got a big turnout of black voters. But if Obama isn’t the Dem. candidate do you really believe they will turn out for Clinton? When I black man won the Dem. nomination for Gov of SC a few years ago, he failed to carry the state because no black person can win a majority vote in SC. Period. that is a fact. South Carolinians remember what happened when blacks were in control of the state after the civil War. When the occupation (reconstruction) was lifted, South Carolina owed over $50 million in bonded debt for projects that were never built, and nobody know who took the money. It took over 50 years for SC to recover from that ordeal. They are not about to take a chance again.

    While I am at it. Just who is Obama going to appoint to his cabinet? Jesse Jackson? Farakan? Assorted Black Panthers who have converted to Islam and changed their names? What other race baiting, white hating demigods will be in charge of our govt. agencies? After Bill Clinton put black “patsies” in charge of certain agencies to ward off investigations and prosecutions for malfeasance and embezzlement, it was reported that no federal Govt. agency’s books were in good enough condition to be audited and there was a billion dollars unaccounted for at the san Francisco mint. . There was no outcry because everybody knew that any criticism would be greeted with charges of Racism.