Jan 25 2008

The GOP Debate – Pretty Good For America

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Finally got to watch one almost all the way through. The candidates looked really good and did well, especially when compared with the bickering democrats. I especially liked their stances on Iraq and why we will stay to finish our work and succeed.

In general McCain did not come off that well. Not sure why, but he did not have it. From what LJStrata says (and her instincts are good) she felt Romney and Huckabee were the best. She had not experienced that Huckabee charm before and was impressed (like when Huck said could not comment on Chuck Norris’ statement about McCain’s age because he was standing right next to Chuck when he said it, and because Chuck can put “that foot on this cheek before I even know it, and there is nothing I can do to stop it”). She is not as impressed with Rudy as I am, but there were some good lines by all of them.

We did come away feeling we could live with 4 out of the 5 as president (Ron Paul is just plain weird), which is probably the best news of the night. I think the message is clear – everyone (except Paul) is back to some basic GOP principles that include tax cuts and strong defense. The truth is I don’t see differences worth much across the candidates, though I would prefer less maverick and more leader. Giuliani made the point he has turned around liberal government, while McCain tried to explain why he tries to turn around conservative government. Between those two I want the former, someone turning around the liberals. Romney and Huchabee are opposites in many ways too: Romney is a bit too stiff and full of policy-wonk lingo (his ‘net=net’ comment just about sent be off to slumber land in the first question) while Huckabee is a bit too folksy (not sure I want a Jeff Foxworthy type for President). Yeah, if I was a Marry Poppins conservative I could find lots to hate in all of them since they don’t fit the ‘perfect’ conservative mold.

But on the flip side they are much better options than Obama and Hillary. If it is Hillary I feel the GOP has a chance, they just need to pick the strongest candidate to take out Hillary, If it is Obama I think there will be little room for error and the most electable candidate becomes even more important. Obama talks centrist enough to be palatable, and he is a historic candidate already. I still think McCain and Rudy have the best electability chances, with Rudy on top with a much more conservative policy suite. Will have to see how Floridians felt about the debate. One thing is for sure – it was better than all the bickering and mud the dems put on! The Clinton mud-machine is back and as ugly as ever – here’s hoping she wins.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Mc got sandbagged pretty hard by Paul last night about the economic advisor question and it showed the weakness Mc has in the whole economic area, but that is what advisors are for.

    The debate was pretty much bland and like all the others more an opportunity for the moderators to try to bend into a pretzel to get that ‘gotcha’ moment for their own objectives rather than try to successfully examine the positions of the candidates.

    This debate is late really in the Fl cycle since the election is close by and already absentee ballots plus early voting have over 250,000 votes already in the can even before the lights went on for the debate last night. So unless there is a high turnout the effect of winning or losing this debate will be blunted with the earlier votes.

    Huck with his stimulus idea of adding lanes to I-95 was pathetic, since obviously it would not stimulate the economy without a lag of at least 5 years to get the planning and construction underway and for election purposes would only effect the east coast.

    Hey if he wants a public works project, build the durn fence!

  2. AJStrata says:


    Few got Paul’s point and even among those few cared. It was inside micro-baseball, like knowing who was the first batter in the 1990 world series to strike out.

    The I-95 idea actually was not that bad – but then you don’t live off I-95. Personally I would like to see both. What I would really like to see is the pork stopped and things like the I-95 idea replace them. It was a regional, interstate commerce concept that was not earmarked to certain pet projects of members to their contributors.

    You missed the brilliant essence of that one. Which is why I think we need to rally around one and get the others into cabinet positions. McCain would be great as Sec Def. Romney Treasury. Huck as VP – and Rudy as the leader. There are other combinations as well.

    I think Rudy sewed up the early voting in spades. He has a big GOTV effort. Plus McCain’s independents can’t vote in the primary. We shall see but I am thinking Rudy may pull FL off.

  3. Klimt says:


    You’re in dreaming if you think Rudy is going to pull off FL. Every poll has him third place… it’s either going to be Romney or McCain. My bet is on Romney.

  4. AJStrata says:


    You are clearly not versed in statistics. Every poll has them all within the margin of error or just outside. In these primary polls everything within 5 points is a statistical tie.

  5. Klimt says:

    Well, Huckabee might just pull it off then… I hate to say it but Rudy is done…

  6. AJStrata says:

    LOL! Klimt,

    You don’t hate to say it, you love the idea.

  7. Klimt says:


    I like Rudy and I like Romney. I have no problems with Rudy… I’m just being realistic. If Romney lost FL, I think McCain would no doubt get the nomination. Doesn’t mean I have something against Romney. It’s called being realistic and unbiased.

  8. MerlinOS2 says:

    Ah AJ , how about 10 miles from 1-95, do I need to have it running through my front yard to count? LOL

    It came up in the context of a stimulus package idea which is why the time lag it would obviously have eliminated it as that category.

    Widening I-95 is something they finally did for the last weak leg here in Fl just last year. It finally is now at least 6 lanes wide all the way down.

    Since it was initially built the section from the Ga line to just north of Daytona was only 4 lane until they widened the thing.

    For years here rush hour headed south from Jacksonville would be a get your spot and stay there for 30 miles or 50 miles south as bedroom community traffic pealed off at the various exits. One snowbird in an RV looking at the scenery and you might get home after dark , way after if you had to do that commute.

    Adding lanes only ends up with hurry up and wait as you get to the next town.

    If you want to do anything bypass the major towns completely and I don’t mean circle beltways, leave them for the local traffic. Run a north south 40 miles or more away total bypass to take the clog out of the combined traffic mess of local/thru traffic and ease the local commute by freeing up the roads there.

    Trust me add more lanes and all you do is add even more crowding to areas that need it the least. Look at Orlando and Los Angeles for prime examples.

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    As far as your picks for putting other candidates into administration positions, we already have enough issues with Senators up for elections and over a dozen other retirements already this cycle from congress, we don’t want or need to be pulling more office holders into the administration creating even more open seats to worry about.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    Some are touting Mitt for Fl but I think Rudy has a chance. I am seeing some really wacky poll data that doesn’t make any sense if you know the state and I blame it on the small sample sizes of most of the polls.

    I predict that Mc and Huck split the north of I-10 vote due to the mix of Navy bases , including the area where Mc was stationed after coming back from Nam and the bible belt area going for Huck. One poll show Mitt picking up 45 % of Jacksonville which is Navy and First Baptist Church land so that poll doesn’t make sense there. Rudy has strength in south Fl strong with the Cuban community for his tough stance against Castro in both Miami and Tampa but polls are showing Mc taking that area in a walk. I see it more of a battle between Rudy and Mitt for the Miami/Orlando vote with the combined Cuban/entrepreneur groups splitting and crossing at will.

    Tampa also has CentCom which could boost Mc some there.

    South Fl is big on Catholic votes and that has been a weak point in all the exit polls for Mc . Rudy Huck and Mitt have been splitting that vote with a slight margin to Rudy and the combined Cuban/Catholic issue may play his way.

    The kicker here is if the independents and dems crossed over and temp registered in large numbers as Rep for the primary just to play games since they are in the penalty box status here just like in Michigan.

  11. owl says:

    From what LJStrata says (and her instincts are good) she felt Romney and Huckabee were the best.

    I agree. I even take back some of what I said about Mitt not having charisma. What happened last night? If someone really is talking in his ear, he needs a pay raise. Can anyone explain why NBC decided to let him have this debate all to himself? Thank goodness he was only boring at the beginning.

    Huck should win the Entertainer of the Debate Award. Only other contender would be Obama’s stand up comedy routine in Vegas about answering a debate question. Funny stuff.

    Rudy gave good solid answers but without the zip. If he has anyone whispering to him, fire him. While you are at it, get rid of that person that speaks for you on TV (not even sure if it’s your head honcho or a hired mouth). I have never seen him do one iota of good for Rudy. That person is so boring that even if you are a supporter, he makes one cry.

    Rudy did not take advantage of what the NYTs gave him. Dangit. When Politico hit him with their ‘expenses paid for mistress’ after the MSM’s Kerik……..it played with the purists. Me? I read a comment somewhere that summed it up about NYC and cleaning it up. Something along the line of ‘I don’t give a rat’s arse how he did it, but the fact is he did it’. Guess I will never qualify as a purist.

    As a Rudy supporter, I was disappointed that he passed a couple of good openings. Ya gotta SHINE in the debates.

    I am truly tired of beating up on McCain because I have come to the conclusion that the bitterness of losing 2000 is coupled with age/illness. I respected this man too much for this. He gave his own laundry list about how he opposed the GOP. That’s okay but I wish he had not given it to Hardball and the NYTs for the last 7 years, and for goodness sakes, don’t rub our faces in it during a debate. I hate that he goes this way. You are a better man than all this McCain.