Jan 24 2008

The Democrat Debate Debacle

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I only saw a few snippets of it and it was terrible. Why is Hillary so obsessed with Ronald Reagan and what Obama may have about him. Joe Conason pans the fiasco today and takes the two (or should we say Hillary) to task for such lame content and endless bickering:

Supporters of one Democratic candidate or another may insist that their man or woman won last Monday’s debate in South Carolina, but in their hearts most viewers could only have been disappointed by its childish tenor and puerile content. Unless those viewers happened to be Republicans, of course — in which case they could only have been delighted.

Well, I am not a Republican but I am a conservative and it was not delightful. It was disturbing. It reminded me of Hillary’s obsession about Obama’s comments while he was in Kindergarten and thought of being President. She was inane then and is inane now. With all that is going on and needs debating she keeps obsessing about Ronald Reagan! Clearly she that is not going to work in the general elections. She is just not presidential material, especially when she gets in one of her ‘nag’ moods.

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  1. dave m says:

    Well yeah – they’re inane.
    That Evans-Novak political report thing reached my mail basket
    today and raised the question of Edwards – ie. why is he still
    in knowing he won’t win.
    Novak, whom I think leans dem, posits that the democratic primaries
    will still allow Edwards to amass several hundred delegates – that he
    plans to steer towards Obama at the convention.
    If a vote for Edwards is a vote for Obama, it might be worth everybody
    knowing it.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    My over all impression of the Dem debates is that based on their content and the responses of the candidates you would easily confuse it to be that they are running for the Senate rather than the White House.

    They rarely deal with the concepts and get stuck on only the features and details of the implementations.

  3. WWS says:

    It doesn’t take some political whiz to see what Edwards is up to. It would be very foolish if his plan was just to steer delegates to Obama – remember that his professional career was basically legal extortion. He’s going to collect a bunch of candidates and offer them to the highest bidder, ie best job offer. Those people voting for Edwards are the greatest fools of all, because they’re votes aren’t going towards any political ideals, they’re just going to support Edwards post election job prospects.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Ya think Edwards is eyeing for the VP position?

  5. Neo says:

    I find the whole idea, that so many reporters and bloggers can’t seem to grasp, that Hiliary is a woman and Obama is black, to be self evident, needing no further claification.

    With that in mind, I find the whole current state of the Democratic primary coverage to be “one great distraction“.

    I mean, they, at least the media, really aren’t talking about anything that interests anyone except gender and race bigots.

    So with the media absorbed in reliving the battles of the 60’s and 70’s, just how is anyone to make an informed choice when there is no useful information in front of them ?

  6. Unscripted Thoughts says:

    “She was inane then and is inane now.” AJ, I think you left out an “s” in there somewhere.