Jan 22 2008

Fred Is Out

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Seems like the rumor mill was accurate again – Fred is out. My question still stands from this morning – who will he throw his support behind?

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    As I cautioned this morning what I had was single sourced.

    Fred’s statement made no mention of his mother, but I bet that was a large player into the decision.

    Judging by the reaction in the blogs and MSM both left and right, the campaign that should not be named had a whole bunch of people watching out there.

    But get them to admit that.

  2. crosspatch says:

    People close to his campaign are saying that he isn’t going to endorse anyone.

  3. han_solo says:

    First Duncan dropped out..
    Then Fred dropped out……

    Now Ron Paul is the only conservative left, go ahead and vote for a pro-war-big-government-socialist-democrats-in-R-clothing if you want because thats all the republican party leadership is giving you…but I am voting for Paul.

  4. WWS says:

    People watching how he has run his entire campaign (like me) are saying no one.

    Of course, why should he? If he endorses an eventual loser, he loses a chance at a good cabinet position. If he waits until the winner is known, he keeps open a shot at a nice post election job. That’s how the game’s played.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Looks like Huck will stay in until mid-March. He hopes to win Texas but he ain’t gonna get my vote.

    I still haven’t made up my mind on whom I will vote. Early voting for Texas is Feb 10th. Hopefully the Super Tuesday will flush out the losing candidates by then. I’ve already ruled out Huck and Ron. That leaves Rudy, John, Mitt. None of them I’m satisfied. I need the candidate that will present itself as a very strong horse to the jihadists. I also need the candidate that will push for conservative principles on the domestic side. Who will it be?

  6. clarice says:

    I think no one. He’d be a logical vp candidate for either Romney or McCain and if he endorsed either right now, he’ d be cutting his odds to 50%.

  7. MerlinOS2 says:


    As long as he has the bare amount of money required to keep running I believe Huck will stay in the race.

    He will pick up some votes and financial support from the church phone calling trees.

    He doesn’t have to win to stay in…..

    As far as this election goes in the primary is is the only candidate the religious right had that came out of the cellar with poll numbers driven mainly by them.

    Strange thing is he was relatively weaker in SC would have thought in that very base of support.

    Simply put he is a political “Blues Brother on a mission from God”, his object is to stay around to perhaps have leverage at a brokered convention.

    Doesn’t matter to him how much he is screwing up the process along the way, it’s the end game that is all that matters.

  8. MerlinOS2 says:


    I think that Fred as a Mc VP is not in the cards, the other side would play the Age/Age card till even they started collecting social security.

  9. owl says:

    I think Mc ‘s VP choice is Graham. Been saying that since I watched these two all through Abu Ghraib/torture/Gitmo. Of course, they might decide that the ticket could not afford 2 that retro active w/base. In that case, I would expect to see a very high appointment.