Jan 12 2008

Iraq Announces The Defeat Of al-Qaeda Is At Hand, Time To Celebrate

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When the Iraqis themselves decided al-Qaeda was not the future of Islam but the enemy of Islam, the tide turned forever in Iraq. Known generally as The Awakening, since this is the name the groups who have turned on al-Qaeda have decided to rally under, this pivotal moment in the War in Iraq and the War on Terror was of historic importance. It takes significant issues to cause one time allies to begin hunting down their opponents. It was a one way decision – once made there was no turning back.

The tide began to turn over a year ago in the fall of 2006, while US voters were giving Democrats a chance to change the dynamic in Iraq. Their solution was abysmal – surrender Iraq to al-Qaeda. Little did they know (or care to learn even over the last year as a sea change swept from Anbar Province across Iraq and possibly the Arab Muslim world) that history had already set a different path.

A year ago, against the desires and efforts of Surrendercrats (and some Surrendericans), President Bush changed tactics and decided to leverage this schism that had erupted between Iraqi Muslims and al-Qaeda. His Surge of troops gave Iraqis the opportunity they needed to throw off the jackboot of al-Qaeda. Since then al-Qaeda has been systematically swept from all major cities and his now hunkered down in enclaves in the countryside where they are being ‘mopped up’ with cold efficiency.

It seems al-Qaeda has been so decimated and so reviled by the Iraqis (and US forces), they have become an “open book” due to all the intelligence pouring in. So much so Iraq is declaring al-Qaeda’s pending defeat as all but finished:

The Interior Ministry announced Friday that al-Qaeda in Iraq has been successfully penetrated by means of a recently formed government security apparatus and is virtually an “open book,” confirming that the sectarian sedition in the country was at the end of its rope.

Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, director of operations at the Interior Ministry, told KUNA here “we have succeeded in establishing a capable intelligence apparatus to penetrate the al-Qaeda organization in Iraq and all armed groups targeting Iraqi national security.” He said emphatically that the sectarian sedition in Iraq has virtually ended, adding that the new intelligence apparatus is able to achieve its objectives regarding all armed groups operating in Iraq.

He went on to say that “al-Qaeda is now an open book for us, now that we have succeeded in penetrating it.” Khalaf did not reveal the extent of al-Qaeda’s reach in Iraq but asserted that trained Iraqi security elements currently operate under cover within this terrorist organization which he said will be dismantled soon.

Iraqi security forces had announced during the past 48 hours the arrest of the mastermind behind the second Samarra explosions and the killing of Abu Qataadah al-Saudi (who was one of the most prominent leaders of al-Qaeda in Iraq) in a military operation in south-west Samarra.

The joint Iraqi and American forces killed at the end of last month Abu Abdullah al-Zubai, who was the regional commander or “Prince” for al-Qaeda for the region extending from west of Baghdad to the east of Fallujah.

Meanwhile US fighter jets yesterday in coordination with Iraqi forces shelled about 50 strongholds of al-Qaeda in the Arab-Jabbour area south of the capital.

Last month the leader of al-Qaeda in southern Baghdad, known by the name of Muhammad Khalil al-Qargholi, was killed in air strikes coordinated by Iraqi security and US forces south of Baghdad.

So much for the hand-wringing nay-sayers. This will be a message to al-Qaeda and the Muslim world that al-Qaeda is finished and not the future is Islam. It will be heard and listened to because the message is being sent by Iraqi Muslims, who have years of stories regarding al-Qaeda’s horrific atrocities to emphasize that message. The heros of Iraq are the ones who vanquished al-Qaeda. The martyrs are the ones who died fighting Bin Laden’s butchers.

The winners write the history, and that is the story Iraq will tell about these years of darkness they had to fight through after being liberated from the Butcher of Baghdad – Saddam Hussein. And they will also tell of their allies – the Americans – who fought and died next to them as they achieved their Awakening into a new and free future.

One other major event happened in Iraq today as well – the Parliament passed debaathification legislation – one of those political benchmarks all the nay-sayers said would be required to declare the Surge a success. OK, it is a success – time to celebrate!

Update:: Another report of a senior al-Qaeda leader killed recently (not sure if this is new or something related to the news above).

Update:: Seems reconciliation is breaking out all over the place:

One of Iraq’s most powerful Shi’ite political and religious figures yesterday issued a stunning call for the government to set aside differences with Sunni Muslim politicians and entice them back to help lead the country.

The appeal by Ammar al-Hakim, the son and heir-apparent to the head of Iraq’s main Shi’ite political bloc, sharply increased pressure on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to bring Sunni factions back into the fold as part of Washington-backed efforts at sectarian reconciliation.

What was it about the snow in Baghdad this week?

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  1. kathie says:

    President Bush was in Kuwait today meeting with the new woman voters talking about his Freedom agenda. Did you know that the Kuwaiti government is now teaching democracy to their students starting in Kindergarten?

    So it’s possible that Iraq could be the beacon of hope in the Middle East, maybe not in this news cycle. That the moderates could have a voice, that al Quada is decimated, that Iran is looking more like the bad boys that they are, that Americans on 911 didn’t die in vain, that Hamas will look like the brutes that they are, and that Bush is not the worse President in American history. My head is held high, I voted two times for the man who made this possible.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Hear, hear, Kathie!

  3. DubiousD says:

    BTW, remember the Lancet study that said 600, 000 Iraqis had been killed? (Of course you do.) Turns out that 50% of the funding for that study came from George Soros.


  4. Mark78 says:

    Excellent roundup AJ.

    And CNN has the balls to run an article wondering why the press/libs aren’t discussing Iraq anymore, as if they don’t know…


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