Jan 02 2008

Why The Nutroots Are…, Well…., Nuts

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Oh pullleeease:

“Controversy surrounding the assassination intensified yesterday amid reports that crucial records had been removed from the Rawalpindi General Hospital where Bhutto was taken, and claims she was killed using laser-beam technology.

“The Nation on its front page said the gunfire and bomb blasts at Bhutto’s election rally “were a decoy to hide the real shooters” and claimed laser technology similar to that used by American forces in Iraq had been used. (Use of these weapons is also controversial as they have the potential to cause permanent harm. Lasers designed to cause permanent blindness were internationally banned under a UN agreement in 1995.)

The scientifically and technically challenged who got their education from Hollywood SciFi flicks are really showing off their ignorance. Lasers come in all different levels of energy. I would not worry too much about the lasers used to ‘paint targets’, they are designed to be invisible to the human eye. But if a high powered laser were to be used it would leave just as much of a signature as a bullet. A nice clean, cauterized path would be clearly evident. Of course, the power required for these kinds of laser beams require an equipment van the size of a semi-tractor trailer to house the beam forming components. You definitely are not going to see a hand held laser which can penetrate skin and bone (you know, the cranium) in less than a second anytime soon. And why would the US (or anyone) use such a device in the wide open when an autopsy would detect the unique form of damage in an instant?

Why is it all the scientifically and engineering ignorant inhabit the leftward fever swamps???? Someone explain THAT to me.

It seems it is good thing for the Pakistani elections to be delayed so all the fools can get the BS out of their systems and have an opportunity to vote rationally afterwards.

Addendum: For those who missed the point about how lasers cauterize tissue the point is a laser beam would leave a nice clean hole – no oozing fluids or tissues. If people want to see a bullet wound then the JFK autopsy photos will suffice (Graphic Image Alert). While a fractured skull and a bullet to the head can look similar, a laser would be completely different. Folks, leave the science and engineering to those trained beyond HS classes.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    I have not seen photos of Bhutto (or JFK) but when one is shot with a pistol there is generally much more than simply an entry wound. Generally the eyes are pushed out and there is other “leakage” as well such as from the ears. The thing is that inside the skull is mostly water. Water doesn’t compress. So when a bullet enters, it is like a piston pushing a shock wave in front of it. When this shock wave hits a place where it can exit such as ears, eyes, nose … it does so.

    If there is only the one wound and the eyes are not bulged out and there is no bleeding from the ears/nose then I would say that there is a good chance she DID die from blunt trauma to the skull.

  2. crosspatch says:

    “she was killed using laser-beam technology.”

    That could mean that the killer had a laser sight on the weapon so he could see the impact point of the round which is generally better than iron sights, particularly in a crowd.

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    Next thing you know the pakis are going to say the Jews did it.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:


    With currently available information, I am leaning toward a combined event.

    We have unconfirmed analysis from photos that the gun used may be a 9mm, not a devastating kill weapon like a 45 for sure.

    So if she even took one or more hits to start the chain , upon entry to the vehicle and blast timing, additional damage could have been done with blunt trauma from striking the roof latch.

    In other words both could have contributed to her demise.

    Need confirmed documented stuff to sort this all out , but now the more important issue is positive id of the shooter and possible bomber adjacent to him and conclusive linkage as to who that person is tied to.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    memo to nutroots

    If Boeing had sent over the airborne laser for a field test, we could have turned the whole place into a glass playground with only a surface residue and folks would be really scratching their heads looking for aliens invading.

  6. crosspatch says:

    Uhm, a 9mm is pretty heafty. It sure isn’t a .22. It is closer to a .38-special (in fact, 9mm and .38-special are interchangeable).

    If you get hit in the head with a 9mm, it is going to blow your eyeballs out of your skull.

  7. S says:

    Kind of interesting that we know have Scotland Yard engaged – a clear play by the allied intel agencies to stem the bleeding. Just to spice it up we have the Paks now saying their spokesman made a mistake and the explantion of death should be ignored.

    While the Paks may look incompetant, the longer the uncertainty drags on the more complicated the narative and the less people pay attension. Think Russian assasination.

    All these tales obscure the point: ehat happens henceforth. The more time poeple spend speculating about the nut and their connections indise and outside Pak, the more time the incumbants have to consolidate gains.

  8. Tully says:

    To believe that she was shot you have to assume that the medical report is a complete fabrication, including the X-rays. Because while externally a head exit wound MIGHT be mistaken for a comminutive depressed skull fracture (by SEVEN doctors? Heh) bullets do not push the displaced bone back in behind them as they exit. (Talk about your magic bullets…)

    The X-rays showed the punched-out chunk of skull right where it should be from a right-side hard-object “punch” impact, namely, pushed into the brain matter directly underneath the external wound. They also did NOT show any entrance wound in the skull, or any bullet fragments or wound channel that one would expect from a traversing bullet. Remember, the shooter was on Bhutto’s left and the wound was on the right side of her head, directly above the ear.

    Nor was there any reason for the Pakistani government to lie about whether she died from the gunshots or the bomb. Either way the claims of an intentional breakdown in security would apply. A conspiracy without a purpose! Wow.

    Color me more than slightly skeptical of even the bullet claim. The laser claim? Puh-leeeease! Paging Dr. Evil!