Dec 20 2007

Pakistan Police Helped Terror Bomber Escape

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One of the key planners behind a plot to load bombs on up to 12 commercial airliners heading from Europe to the US, and exploding them over the US so they could rain down death and destruction on our cities, recently escaped Pakistan authorities. Now we learn he escaped with the help of Police who were charged to guard him – and who have been arrested:

Two Pakistani police officers were charged with criminal conspiracy after a high-powered committee found that they had helped Rashid Rauf, a key suspect in the Heathrow bomb plot, to escape.

Mr Rauf, a British national of Pakistani origin, fled custody as he was being transported from an Islamabad court to the high-security Adiala jail in the garrison town of Rawalpindi on Saturday.

An investigation into the incident revealed that the escape was facilitated by Mohammed Tufail and Nawab Zada, the police officers guarding him.

“It is not a case of negligence, but a case of criminal collusion,’ the enquiry committee set up by the Interior Ministry said. The guards who had escorted Mr Rauf to the court on three previous occasions removed his handcuffs and let him get away, the report said.

OK, but who put those two guards on that special duty? I think there is more to this. For what Rauf was involved you can check out some of my earlier posts on the incident here.

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3 Responses to “Pakistan Police Helped Terror Bomber Escape”

  1. WWS says:

    When the story of the “escape” first came out, I wanted to post what the real headline should have read: “High Level Terrorist escorted out of the country by Senior Pakistani Government Officials who are aligned with Al Qaeda and the Taliban.”

    Wouldn’t be completely surprised to find out that some level of the Pakistani government (maybe without Musharref’s knowledge) was still financing those activities, of which this guy was a part.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Yeah, He could have ‘escaped’ with some help so that help could then ‘silence’ him….

  3. conman says:

    In your November 20th article entitled “Pakistan Continues to Press Terrorist” you wrote:

    “For Bush and Musharraf time is running out. So that means the clock is ticking as well for the remaining al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership that are probably hiding out in Pakistan’s lawless regions along the Afghan border. Musharraf is finally going to go all in and take on the massing terrorists. And then he will hand over power to the newly elected leadership and he and Bush can retire knowing they did all they could to end this decades long war against Islamo Fascism.”

    Now we find out that they are literally setting known terrorists free? You just told me yesterday that you were never wrong. Oh, what a difference a day makes. Maybe you ought to find a new super-secret government source because apparently they gave you bad information on this one back in November.