Dec 19 2007

The Federal Light Bulb Police Squad Has Been Established

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What a waste government can be. Michelle Malkin has the latest news on the new federal outlawing 100 watt bulbs:

Tucked into the legislation is a provision that mandates the phase-out of the 125-year-old incandescent bulb in the next four to 12 years in favor of a new generation of trendy energy-efficient Gorebulbs.

Apparently the dim bulbs in Congress (2 watts, max) are upset at being so easily shown up so they have decided to outlaw the competition. You know when Congress gets a “brilliant idea” the symbol over their heads is a weak, burnt-to-the-nub candlestick.


Well at least we all can sleep safely now knowing our nation’s security resources will be busy chasing down the illegal use of 100 watt bulbs….

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5 Responses to “The Federal Light Bulb Police Squad Has Been Established”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Once again they duplicate exactly what the EU mandated a little over a year or so back.

    If they want to be like France or Belgium please move!

    Nanny state replaces consumer choice. With energy bills climbing most consumers would use some of the CFL types where they can, but to mandate it is a bit much.

  2. Terrye says:

    I think this was inevitable. It was a relatively painless way to save billions in energy in a year. Besides that towns and cities all over the country have made it impossible to burn wood because of air quality. Government does stuff like this all the time. Cafe standards in cars, etc.

  3. dave m says:

    This needs to be vetoed. Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs are an
    extreme danger if the home.

    I broke one, while lit, about four months ago and am only just
    now recovering. Mercury poisoning (via inhalation of the gaseous
    mercury contained in a lit up CFL) is no joke folks. In minute
    quantities it is an extremely powerful central nervous system

    Don’t say you won’t break one. You will, or your kids will.
    They might not be able to tell you they feel bad, they will just
    be affected and develop learning problems, psychological
    behavior disorders and the list is pretty long.

    I think you’ll find the medical profession doesn’t do much to
    help you and the body eliminates mercury from the body at a
    very slow rate. Half life in blood is 60 days. Plus unless you
    clean your hose like it was a radiation contamination event,
    you’ll keep re-exposing yourself.

    This is a bigger scandal than Aspartame.

    I intend to buy a lifetime supply of incandescent bulbs next year.
    If you don’t want my bulbs to contribute to the generation of
    carbon dioxide – build nuclear plants. DOH.

  4. VinceP1974 says:

    What’s wrong with aspertine?

  5. dave m says:

    Aspartame, also branded as nutra-sweet, is an artificial sugar
    substitute put in many diet colas and low calorie products.
    Check it out on the net, but the problem is that aspartame
    is broken down in the small intestine first to methyl-alcohol
    and then to formaldehyde and formic acid. These are both
    nerve poisons.

    This has been argued about for at least two decades,
    the general argument of the regulatory authorities is
    “so what, lots of stuff contains methyl alcohol – wine (crap wine)
    for example.” (Don’t even get me started about crap wine)

    Uh gee, so badly fermented beverages contain methyl alcohol
    as opposed to the desired ethyl alcohol. Like that’s an excuse?
    I don’t want to sound like some sort of paranoid health food nut.
    I am not one of those.
    You can yahoo or google methanol poisoning and work
    it out yourselves. There is a reason why alcoholic drinks containing
    methanol are less harmful than methanol alone.

    It is standard poison treatment advice that first aid treatment
    for a victim of methyl alcohol (methanol) poisoning is to administer
    real booze (ethyl alcohol) in stiff dosages. This is because
    while methyl alcohol is not deadly in itself, the liver breaks it
    down as I mentioned above into formaldehyde and formic acid.
    The silver lining is that the liver when confronted with both methyl
    alcohol and ethyl alcohol chooses to metabolize the ethyl alcohol
    first, thus leaving the onset of the deadly problem until later,
    by which time it is hoped competent medical detox can become

    Bottom line? Methyl alcohol, by itself, is a nerve killer. That’s
    why they say those skid row meth drinkers lose their eyesight.
    Aspartame is broken down into methyl alcohol, without the shield
    of ethyl alcohol to protect you. So one of those MAX drinks
    does you more harm than a big icy regular Coke.

    Get fat – stay happy.

    Hope that helps.