Dec 19 2007

Surrender Media Shows Why Democrat Plans For Iraq Would Fail!

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Update: Some anal grammar Nazis on the left fail to understand posts (written in haste while at work) because they can’t help but shore up their shallow egos by pointing out editorial nits and missing the point (which is why most liberals miss most points, they are playing dictionary and not comprehending). So I fixed the grammar so our liberal friends have a shot at getting a clue. – end update

Too funny. The SurrenderMedia, in a panic to spin anything they can against Bush on Iraq, have shown the attention span (and memory) of a gnat. They think they can throw out some wild spin and nobody will notice their complaints concerning decisions in the past also include those same decision by their beloved Dems in their plans for Iraq today! For example, USA Today is panning Rummy, Rice and Cheney for basically following the current Democrat proposals on Iraq back prior to 2006:

But a USA TODAY investigation shows that the strategy now used to defeat the bombmaking networks and stabilize Iraq was ignored or rejected for years by key decision-makers. As early as 2004, when roadside bombs already were killing scores of troops, a top military consultant invited to address two dozen generals offered a “strategic alternative” for beating the insurgency and IEDs.

Bush administration officials, however, remained wedded to the idea that training the Iraqi army and leaving the country would suffice.

Gee, this sounds familiar. Where have we heard this before? “Sen Clinton:

However, in an interview with The New York Times published Thursday, Clinton said the American troops would not play a role in trying to curb sectarian violence.

Rather, they would be positioned north of Baghdad to combat terrorists, support the Kurds, counter any Iranian moves into Iraq and provide logistical, air and training support to the Iraqi government “if the Iraqis ever get their act together.”

We hav e heard this from Sen Obama as well:

Sen. Barack Obama yesterday presented his most extensive plan yet for winding down the war in Iraq, proposing to withdraw all combat troops by the end of next year while leaving behind a force of unspecified size to strike at terrorists, train Iraqi soldiers and protect American interests.

But USA Today is claiming this half-in, half-out approach (that is so much like the UN blue helmets standing on the sidelines watching blood run through the streets when they are deployed) is what delayed the success in Iraq that we see today! Clearly USA Today is stating the current Dem plan (train Iraqis and run) would fail, just like it did in its previous incarnation. I am so glad they finally have come around to admitting it.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    The Dems also know as I have pointed out before, each day the troops stay in a now shifting training roll in some areas for the Army and police in Iraq their numbers are becoming more in line with the needs for self protection.

    Plus as I have noted before as the violence goes down their are lesser casualties in those we have prior trained again helping raise the total number of locals fielded to keep pushing the ratio of combined local/coalition forces versus AQ and other groups to make their position even weaker and pushing them into areas where they are easier to locate and clean out.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    As stability comes to areas of Iraq it allows more repair of infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for all locals which will give them even more incentive to support agendas which head toward peace and stability.

  3. WWS says:

    Victor Davis Hansen has a great piece of analysis out today comparing the Iraq war to previous wars. He points out that all wars have screw ups and all wars start off with plans that flat out don’t work, and this has happened to the US in every war that we’ve fought. But the key to victory is the ability to recognize, analyze, and learn from the mistakes and thus fashion a winning strategy on the fly.

    it’s a bit long, but I rate this a must-read for anyone who wants to view this war in its historical perspective: