Dec 18 2007

Dems Propped Up Byrd To Hold Senate – Now Pushing Him Out

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One of the coldest acts Dems did in 2006 was to force the retiring venerable Sen Robert Byrd away from a much deserved and needed retirement so they could get control of the Senate. It was a terrible power play. And now they are blaming this legendary orator from West Virginia for their problems with getting appropriation bills passed and trying to remove him from leadership since his health is failing (as everyone noted it would). Personally, I think since they made the decision they need to live with its consequences. This is what desperation for power brings as a result.

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One Response to “Dems Propped Up Byrd To Hold Senate – Now Pushing Him Out”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    From watching him in the live floor debates, he literally almost has to be propped up with a stick and handed his glasses and prepared remarks for his presentation.

    He actually does ok for a gent his age, but just from watching floor presentations, I would have to believe that managing a hearing during a complex session would have to give a high level of frustration to all other members on the committee.