Dec 16 2007

The Implosion Of The Leftward Fever Swamps, Dems Mob Out Of Control

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The far left is still marching to the cliff of oblivion. They’re infamous standard bearer, Cindy Sheehan, is now calling for the impeachment of the top three officers of the US government because of their complicity in ‘torture’ (via a process reporters have voluntarily had performed on them with no noticeable physical or mental harm):

Peace activist, Cindy Sheehan says that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi collaborated with the Bush administration in condoning torture because Pelosi knew about water boarding torture since 2002. “Even before becoming Speaker of the House of Representative, she said that impeachment of Bush is out of question.” She should be impeached for knowing about torture which dehumanize us all, she added.

In April 2004, Sheehan’s son was killed in Iraq. Sheehan said that we are occupying Iraq, we were not invited by them. “This occupation of Arab-Muslim land shows how racist we really are,” she said. “If we can justify it by saying it’s OK to kill a million Iraqis, but at least my family is safe. … No, that is not OK!”

While watching the Democrats’ rabid base go more rabid can be a bit entertaining at times, the fact is the far left is fueling its hate against America on an ever expanding list of lies that the Dems used to rally these people to their cause and gain votes. The cries of Bush/Cheney being implicit in 9-11 are funny – until someone gets hurt.

With the Democrat leadership now on the list of criminals the Dems may have unleashed a mob they cannot control and which now finds itself without any political recourse to change this country. Hyped up on adrenaline from all the ‘The World Is Ending” propaganda and conspiracy theories, these people are becoming so afraid that their world is being threatened they may act out violently. This is why creating the overheated mob is a very dangerous and desperate political ploy.

The Dems seem too frightened of the monster they created to even face it down. They now run reasonable legislation through stealth processes in fear of the mob they created. They should be denouncing it before its cycle of fear and panic causes some to over step. How long before the frustration on the left builds to the point the destruction of America is the only option they can see?

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  1. Boghie says:


    We are probably there already. The hosts on the ever shrinking (or, should I say shrieking) Air America already talk your point up in a disguised manner. Some, more directly.

    Regardless, most of them have emasculated themselves. Most of the men are the sentimental, crying types. Most will try baby boomer communes and the like.

    But, some will be the Charles Mansons of our era. They will probably feed on themselves. Look at the fiasco that occurred in the Clinton campaign headquarters. Can you imagine the same at a Romney headquarters? It is easy to imagine that happening around many of the Democrats. Hopefully, the nanny state was successful in bringing out the inner child and tantrums are all we get.

    The next two years spells the end of the Baby Boom generation influence. Unlike most ‘prophet’ generations the Baby Boomers so far have been a bust – but there is still time!!!

  2. Boghie says:


    After a bit more thought.

    The time to watch is when the GenXers start acting on the influence of the Boomers.

    Those latch-key kids who spent their childhood during an era of dissolving family and social structure tend to see things in a practical manner. They get things done – and in some cases break the eggs used in the omelets.

    For example. Is it the Boomers wailing about the GWOT or the GenXers? Yup, the Boomers are awailing and the GenXers are adoing. Look at the difference between Petraeus and Wesley Clark in the way a military campaign is run. Petraeus knows casualties are coming but still fights to win. Clark accepted no pain and gave himself no chance to win. Look at the Boomers like Pelosi and Reid and Malloy (Air America) and Sheehan wailing that only oldsters and children are showing up at their rallies. The GenXers may not like the war – who does – but, they realize that unpleasant things must be completed and a war decisively won. The life of a GenXer revolves around making tough decisions and acting on them toward completion.

    But, what happens internally. When Boomers influence pragmatic – and in some cases violent – GenXers. The clown (Leeland Eisenberg) with flares in his jacket at the Clinton campaign headquarters was a Boomer. Timothy Mcveigh was a GenXer. Boomer Leeland wanted to make a Kerryesque senatorial protest point, GenX Mcveigh decided he hated the government apparatus and moved to kill it. We have Boomers with dangerous ideas all over the spectrum. If/when they focus internally – and, I think the left is starting to – we are in for some rough times. Even if they want to fight it out with cultural wars rhetoric they will influence GenXers to fight it out on the streets. I think the Wingnuts can be controlled, but I can’t see anyone controlling the Moonbats.

    We do live in interesting times.

  3. WWS says:

    The street movement of ’68 eventually turned into the Weather Underground and the bombings of ’70 and ’71 – not a stretch to see that happening again.

    But this article about Sheehan points out a characteristic of these kinds of people that really should make the Dem’s more afraid than anyone. Paranoid and violent people tend to act out against the most emotionally satisfying targets, not the one that actually makes sense with respect to their beliefs. And the ones who are generally highest on the emotional list are anyone who the violent perp thinks has “betrayed” him or her. People they never liked are pretty low on the list, since they never expected anything out of them.

    Examples: Timothy Mcveigh was a good soldier and tried to become a Green Beret. His anti-governmen beliefs and attitudes didn’t start until the Army, which he had loved, “betrayed” him and washed him out of the program. The deranged shooter who attacked YWAM in Colorado was raised a Christian but came to hate all Christians after he was “betrayed” and kicked out of the program. The mall shooter in Omaha felt “betrayed” by society in general so he attacked completely innocent, happy people in a mall, representative of the society he had come to hate. And of course just about every one of the thousands of domestic violence murders fits into this category.

    A lot of truth to the old saying, “you only hurt the ones you love.”

  4. Boghie says:


    Imagine if/when some of those folks start acting on things they believe in rather than reacting in anger. At that point we are not talking about sporadic actions – but, instead action that while not directed (perhaps) is configured. Guided by the light, eh…

    I can see Prophetic leadership trying to gain power through division. Harsh and Angry. Not visualizing where their rhetoric leads. Been done before. Feel like now???

    I can see sparks if our courts release the Gitmo Gang onto our streets. If we elect a Neville Chamberlain as President. If a political party promotes such weakness that we get hammered, or attempts to lock us down to attain complete dominance.

    I can visualize a Dispensationalist sect going bad. I can visualize violence from International ANSWER. How about a spark stemming for immigration. Economic downturn and two Americas.

    We have had great leadership for the first third of the danger zone. Leadership that will not be known to be such till he leaves. But what of the next 14 years?

  5. WWS says:

    When you mentioned the dispensationalists, it made me wonder if you’ve been thinking of Heinlein’s Future History series. Good Stuff!

    and yeah, the risks are as big as you put them. Good leadership, and we make it through. Bad, and who knows?

  6. VinceP1974 says:

    I can’t wait for the vile Boomers to go away

  7. scaulen says:

    “knowing about torture which dehumanize us all, she added”

    Hmm I feel fine, torture away boys and girls, get the info, frag the terrorists, shorten the wait at the airports. 🙂

  8. scaulen says:

    Side bar, what is shehag going to say when we pull the troops out and let Iraq rule itself thus proving it’s not an occupation. I think she’ll swing towards why didn’t we stay there and take the oil so that my son would have died for something. Casey got to go to the front of the line in heaven once St Peter saw his mom.

  9. Neo says:

    So, what’s wrong with Jay Rockefeller ?
    Isn’t he worthy of impeachment too.