Dec 15 2007

Huckabee A Disaster For GOP

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Governor Huckabee’s 15 minutes of fame are just about up. I am not really all that concerned about all the noise about his religion, but his mouth seems perfectly sized to fit his foot. Huckabee has done something now that should end his race for the White Houst – he has taken the Pelosi-Reid-Gore-Daschle position on Iraq:

“American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out,” Huckabee said. “The Bush administration’s arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad. My administration will recognize that the United States’ main fight today does not pit us against the world but pits the world against the terrorists.”

Are dispute was not with attacking the World, it was the world was too timid to take action against the terrorists. The world wants to talk Bin Laden to death.

But Huckabee’s traitorous act was to use a term favored by the most anti-war critics on the left. The “bunker” image has been used by Mad Sid Blumenthal, Sen Harry Reid, Sen Chuck Schumer and all across the far left to denigrate Bush’s determination to win.

It seems Huckabee is reaching out to the “Impeach Bush” crowd with the use of this phrasing. In a Presidential election were Huckabee would be trying to out liberal the liberals on Iraq why would anyone vote for the GOP variant??? I have one word of warning for all GOP contenders this year: Don’t try to win by stabbing President Bush in the back. If will turn on him you will turn on anyone. Good-bye Gov Huckabee, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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  1. SallyVee says:

    Huckabee just sold his soul which is ironic since he’s been playing up his soul-saving skills. Someone should check Ebay and see what the final bid was…

    Another one bites the dust. ‘Nuf said.

  2. Newt says:

    I supported Huck and I am an Evangelical Christian. I didn’t support him because he’s a Christian, but for his policy pronouncments on immigration and taxes. The Foreign Policy Jounal article sunk his ship for me… You would think he just took on Nancy Pelosi or Jack Murtha to advise him on foreign policy.

  3. kathie says:

    Make way for the Fred.

  4. clarice says:

    He is a disaster, and I’ve always preferred Fred, but I see no obvious signs that his surge is not continuing.

  5. the struggler says:

    Hucka B. Gone

    Pencil me in for The Fred. (since Hunter just isn’t gonna make it)

  6. SallyVee says:

    You guys are killin me… Fred? FRED? Who is that?

    Come ON. We have Giuliani, McCain and Romney in real world options.

  7. VinceP1974 says:

    Huck reminds me of the candidate Bush of 2000

  8. cali_sun says:

    Huckabee is the worst kind of christian; whom Jesus warned about. He labeled them ‘Pharisees”, praying in public, and pretend to be holy. But behind closed doors they are evil.
    I can’t remember on which site I read it, but he said once “I am only a republican to get into politics’, which means he is a closet liberal.
    His ethic lapses (5 ethic complaints); asking for gifts, and contribution to support his personal lifestyle is beyond the action of a true christian.
    His actions as governor was not without controversy, and at the end, he destroyed many files, escaping even more ethic complaints, going as far as attempting to abolish the ethics committee.
    Trashing Pres. Bush in such a manner, is not at all the christian way, especially since he claims to use the golden rule ‘treat others as you want to be treated’.
    He is our ‘Jimmy Carter’ as Ann Coulder so rightfullt stated. His arrogance, his distortion of the christian way makes him a hypocrite, and maybe he should run as a liberal.

  9. ivehadit says:

    This is not Huskster’s first time at bashing Bush. The Hope, Arkansas II candidate needs to put it where the sun don’t shine, imho. What is with that town, btw??

  10. W-GIRL08 says:

    HuckaBoom ….just became HUCKABUST !!

    Hey Huck ….join the “Queen of Mean” …she is not going to make it either !!

    Maybe you both can share the next bus to Arkansas !!

  11. lurker9876 says:

    I’m now leaning towards Romney or Fred. The only bad thing that I heard about Fred was that he did not get things done when he was a Senator. This came from my mother.

    If this is the case, Romney has this as an advantage over Fred.

  12. owl says:

    Hi all………Huck brought me back from my self imposed political vacation. Had to take a break from being continually angry with the Holy Pug Pundits and their Purity Party. Thank goodness that AJ and the Anchoress never joined that bandwagon.

    Huckabee is a nasty little man. Surely to goodness Chuck Norris and Ed Rollins will notice soon. Pugs have a bad habit of ignoring the FACT that you must WIN to get any of what you want. They nominated Ford over Reagan. Ford was a nice man but a loser. They nominated Dole. Now I reallllly liked Dole but up against Clinton……….give me a break. I live in the real world. He NEVER had a shot even though he was a real war hero.

    Huck reminds me of the candidate Bush of 2000.

    That’s nuts. Not even close. Bush is no saint but he is as close as this Party will ever see. The only thing I see that Bush and Huckabee had in common was the easy smile that comes with good ole boy Southerners. Bush was never a ‘nasty, little man’ and after 8 years of constant attacks (the likes of which the world has never seen) he is still not a ‘nasty, little man’.

    I like Fred but Fred fits nicely into that group of losers I mentioned above. I watched him operate in the Senate committees and he NEVER inspires. He will not win. McCain can not win. He blew it with his constant Bush attack that gave us his finance reform (revenge) and then painted the USA (Bush) as torturers. McCain gave us this CRAP going on over how nice to make with the captured
    terrorists. He is not of the real world because he is still ignoring that these people are NOT soldiers, just as ole stupid Specter operates in his own little make believe universe.

    We have Romney and Giuliani. The Anchoress said what I thought when she said Romney seemed ‘plastic’. Well, he is looking personally better to me but I do not think he can win. That leaves Giuliani. He is the only candidate that ever stood a shot against Hillary. And we better hope we run against Hillary and not Obama.

    I sounded the alarm in 2004 about the Voice. Yep, he reminds me of a little kid at times but he has money, power, and the people behind him. His campaign is what reminds me of Bush’s 2000. Giuliani can beat Hillary but we better just hope she gets the nod.

  13. VinceP1974 says:

    i made the comparasion based on the “I’m a Christian. i love jesus, i care about people.. we need to be compassionate” and the call for a more humble foreign policy.

    Wishy washy, govt intrusive, and soft. That’s how Bush was and that’s how i see huck.

  14. crosspatch says:

    Huckleberry Hound is gone.

    Rudy it will be.

  15. Dorf77 says:

    We… the US of A have not fought a signatory to The gENEVA convention rules (that followed them) Ever. Why anyone other than the ‘Don’t spank your children’ folk believes they have any worth in our world is beyond me….

    Torture will occur and persist. Political contributions to buy votes Will Persist. Production, Distribution, and Sale of proscribed drugs Will Persist. Until those who think a law (based on their personal FEELINGs) will stop this kind of action and face the reality of the sociology, and economics involved, we are holding at the the classic Mexican Standoff (pun in another argument intended).

    Responsibility for one’s actions are just that, either you do it or do not and then you may be judged. We don’t need further analysis to know where Nancy, Harry, Hilldebeast and Billious will stand in the final analysis….

  16. owl says:

    No problem with the first part. I believe that Bush is a Christian that loves Jesus and cares about people. He has shown all that and that he is a very compassionate man.

    But ‘wishy, washy, soft’? LOL.

    Oh, and yes I will even agree with humble but NOT on foreign policy. We know he is a humble man because otherwise he would be showing slide shows of goofy Al Gore. Have you seen his pics of when he gets in his pulpit, turns red in the face and blames all his woes on Bush and the good ole USA? Class act, that clown. We know Bush is humble or he would have called McCain a sore loser instead of letting him get his agenda passed first. And he must be an humble man because he allowed Clinton to ‘inspect the troops’ on HIS day with nary a word. Along with stealing the furniture and trashing the WH of ‘W’s’. But all that is ………personal. A real softie nice guy.

    But not at all humble when he is doing his job which is trying to protect this country. His ONLY job.

  17. owl says:

    Ooops….should have labeled that as a response to vince.

  18. VinceP1974 says:

    Bush was great in his First Term. I remember him being in Europe and some EUtopian asked him “how do you feel about European people opposition to your terrorism policy” or something like that.. and he answered something like “I dont care what Europeans think, my job is to protect the American people”

    Then something happened to him as he was running for his 2nd term and he stopped defending himself and his policy against the beginning of lies by the Democrats.. which emboldened them to tell more lies nad more lies

    and more lies

    His failure to speak has led to a collapse of his support, his failure to advance the conservative agenda led to a collapse of the voting base.

    Now he’s throwing Israel under a bus.. and who the hell knows what’s going on with Iran.

    The man has turned out to be a disaster and he lost all my respect.

  19. Klimt says:

    Make way for the Ruminator!

  20. The Macker says:

    Those supporting Guiliani on the basis of winnability are being duped by the media. Both Guiliani and Huckabee have the potential to tear the GOP apart and lose big-time to the Dems.

    Romney, McCain and Thompson might be able to unite the Party and prevail in the general election.