Dec 14 2007

The Left Is Wondering If Dems Will Fold On FISA Again – Doh!

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I am always humored by the desperate hope the left holds out the Dems will hold the line on war funding or FISA updates, only to find their dreams dashed time and time again. I am not sure why the Dems torture their puppets like this. I am not sure why the base takes this abuse. Though I do note the battered spouse syndrome and how it can keep people in brutal and destructive relationships. So when I see this latest of round of “the Dems wouldn’t dare” I can’t help but laugh. Yes, I know it is cruel, but it couldn’t happen to better group of suicidal wingnuts.

Let me point out the obvious for the left so they can break this cycle of abuse. The Congress is wearing one of those overly large terrorist bull’s eyes on their pointy little heads. They see the intelligence we get and the attacks thwarted. Knowing any one of them and their families is high on the target list they will ALWAYS have an incentive to throw the political base overboard – especially since the LAST place al-Qaeda would target is the surrender monkeys they are trying to push into power here in the US.

Pretending people don’t need guns are all well and good in theory – until you are faced with an attacker threatening your family. Then the gun (or in this case the NSA) becomes a life saving right to any and all. Oh well, for the masochist you can always keep fantasizing the world is as suicidally insane as you are and keep hoping against hope!

More co-dependents realizing their fate here and here (you need to watch an add to enjoy the real fun on this last one). Someone pass the popcorn please?

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2 Responses to “The Left Is Wondering If Dems Will Fold On FISA Again – Doh!”

  1. VinceP1974 says:

    Don’t those people have jobs? Like I could spend all day calling Senators from my job.

  2. WWS says:

    I’m starting the think the Dem’s new party icon should be a lawn chair. As in “folds like…”