Dec 12 2007

al-Qaeda Starting Over With Suicide Bombs

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al-Qaeda is going back to its one trick – killing people. It has created a Muslim state now unified in a cause to hunt down and destroy al-Qaeda: Iraq. It is well on the way to doing the same with Algieria – a very stable country. This week we see that killing people with bombs is tragically very easy to do – no country can stop the lone gunman or bomber (look at our own country this week). What can we learn from the fact there were two large blasts in Algiers which killed probably over 60 people, and today there were three car bombs in a southern city in Iraq killing 25?

We can learn the nature of our enemy and face up to it. We can realize a group that bombs for pleasure, media coverage and political impact need to be hunted down and excised from humanity. We have seen in Iraq what allying or succumbing to their will brings. It brings torture and brutality. We have no choice but to fight these animals. If they ever obtained a large base of operations we would find ourselves in a truly messy war the could and would span the globe.

al-Qaeda wants to frighten us into submission – and that seems to work for those on the left who want to pretend we are not being threatened and al-Qaeda can be appeased. But for the rest of us this is a wake up call, that even while losing horribly in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan al-Qaeda never quits, never changes tactics – it never regains a modicum of sanity!

I kept expecting it to stop creating enemies within the Arab/Muslim community in order to survive. They know a backlash is building against them – but they continue their brutal ways. Which is a clear sign they are not sane, that their craving for power and dominance knows no bounds. They are not Muslims because they kill thousands of Muslims every year without any concern. However, given that they do what they do in the name of Islam means they could, if they continue, destroy that faith. We need to prepare for the possibility al-Qaeda will never stop killing and a massive upheaval inside Islam is coming our way. It seems al-Qaeda has not intention of losing quietly, they want to go down ugly.

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    Completely OT, but I did some shopping yesterday, the day before, and today using your click through link.

    I cannot contribute as much to your site as I take away from it but maybe you’ll get a few nickles from my shopping.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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    Thanks much! Every little bit counts. We hope to have some merchandise out soon as well. It’s just a lot of work for this little old mom and pop outfit – plus our day jobs.

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  3. MerlinOS2 says:


    It also looks like Syria is back in the game taking out a Lebanese Christian General who led the fight against the AQ fighters in the camps of Lebanon.

  4. Somewhere, because innocent people died at the hands of Murderious Religious Islamo-fascist thugs, “Bootlicker” and “THECENTERISABUNGHOLE” are smiling, and blaming it all on the EVEEL George Boosh!