Dec 10 2007

1,000 Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites Meet For Reconciliation

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The Surrendercrats in DC must be besides themselves with remorse this Holiday Season. Instead of the shattering defeat of our forces they have had to endure month after month of smashing success in Iraq. And after a lame attempt to salvage their dire predictions of doom and gloom by claiming military success is useless without political reconciliation, they must be horrified to see reconciliation breaking out all over Iraq in small, but progressing steps. News of 1,000 Shiite and Sunni leaders meeting to blaze a joint future together must really be disturbing to those so hopeful for an Iraq defeat for the forces of good:

Sheiks of tribes, Iraqi Army and police leaders, representatives of the Iraqi government and leaders from the 1st “Ironhorse” Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division and Multi-National Division – Baghdad gathered at an Iraqi Police station in Nassir Wa Salam, Iraq, to discuss further steps to advance bringing the region back to the government of Iraq during the Northwest Baghdad Regional Security Summit Dec 6.

Approximately 1,000 sheiks and local leaders attended the second of a series of reconciliation meetings that have taken place between the Sunni and Shia sheiks in the 1st Cavalry Division’s area of operations.

Tribal and governmental leadership from Abu Ghraib, Fallujah, Tarmiyah and the Anbar province came together to meet with senior leaders from the Baghdad provincial government, national government and Iraqi Security Forces.

The meeting was recognized by representatives of the prime minister, councilmen, senior Iraqi tribal and military leaders as well as the national party, Iraq Awakening.

A hearty hat tip to Gateway Pundit for the heads up on more good news.

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