Dec 09 2007

UK Is Not Buying New NIE, Neither Are Career CIA Officials

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It is becoming quite clear the NIE is not held in high regard in across the broader intelligence community – including those elements in Europe:

British spy chiefs have grave doubts that Iran has mothballed its nuclear weapons programme, as a US intelligence report claimed last week, and believe the CIA has been hoodwinked by Teheran.

The security services in London want concrete evidence to allay concerns that the Islamic state has fed disinformation to the CIA.

A senior British official delivered a withering assessment of US intelligence-gathering abilities in the Middle East and revealed that British spies shared the concerns of Israeli defence chiefs that Iran was still pursuing nuclear weapons.

The source said British analysts believed that Iranian nuclear staff, knowing their phones were tapped, deliberately gave misinformation.

Gee, The UK wants ‘high confidence’ evidence that Iran is not an emerging world-wide threat? How dare they! Even worse, there is a lot of dissent in the ranks on this NIE:

A US intelligence source has revealed that some American spies share the concerns of the British and the Israelis. “Many middle- ranking CIA veterans believe Iran is still committed to producing nuclear weapons and are concerned that the agency lost a number of its best sources in Iran in 2004,” the official said.

And it is not just them. France and Germany are not buying the NIE either:

France and Germany said Thursday that Iran remained a “danger” and that the international community needed to keep up the pressure over its nuclear program despite a U.S. intelligence report concluding that Tehran was no longer building a bomb.

It seems the attack on the NIE is not a far right neocon attack but a broad condemnation of a faulty assessment which covered over contradictory evidence and views on Iran’s nuclear weapon. The NIE was not meant to inform, it was meant to impact our federal elections and benefit the far left, so of course it is fraught with errors. Dangerous errors.

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4 Responses to “UK Is Not Buying New NIE, Neither Are Career CIA Officials”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Don’t forget Israel just had to come to us with the info and then take out a location in Syria that was ABOVE GROUND and our intel community and most of the rest of the world had missed.

    Yet we are to believe maybe one defector and some other pictures and log books and a few monitored conversations were enough to turn the interpretation a 180?

    It would be interesting to be able to compare the classified executive summary with the unclassified one to see if they are consistent.

    To me it would take a whole lot of multisourced info to make that much of a switch.

  2. Terry Gain says:

    This was all about Bush nullification. They wannt to make it impossible for him to create enought consensus to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. They give themsselves away when they claim “international pressure” in 2003 made the Iraqis’ stop their weapons program. If Iran did stop, it was more likely because of what was occurring on their western border. In addition they fail to address the fact Iran has continued to enrich uranium. Why do they think Iran is doing that?

  3. the struggler says:

    I believe this is gonna gain momentum in the opposite direction ala the CNN debate with the planted questions.

    Matthews,Olberwoman,and Abrams ran with this story three days straight.

    SHUT-UP FOOL!—–Mr. T

  4. Neo says:

    I seems the structure that was attacked and destroyed [by the Israelis] was not a nuclear reactor .. but rather a plutonium separation facility for NoKo.