Dec 05 2007

al-Qaeda Defeated In Iraq, Heading To Afghanistan & Pakistan

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From al-Qaeda itself we hear they are a defeated force in Iraq:

Clarice Feldman
jveritas reports this:
In his speech released yesterday Abou Omar Al Baghdadi the supposed leader of the Islamic State in Iraq which is Al Qaeda in Iraq said that only two hundered Mohajeroon are left in Iraq. Mohajeroon which means immigrants in Arabic are the foreign terrorists who came to fight in Iraq. This is yet the most stunning admission by Al Qaeda in Iraq that they are totally destroyed and from the tens of thousands of foreign terrorists they had, almost all of them are killed and captured and only two hundreds are left.

This is the quote translation of what Al Baghdadi said in his latest speech: “… with all that, the Mouhajeron in Mesopotamia left the world and went quickly to meet their lord after they sacrificed their money and their blood sometimes in the martyrdom operations and sometimes by throwing themselves in front of the enemy that only two hundreds Mouhajeron are left today in our beloved Iraq…”

Add to that this news about al-Qaeda’s migration back to Pakistan and Afghanistan and we see the retreat of a defeated movement.

Al Qaeda appears to be moving its main effort to Afghanistan, after operations in Iraq, North Africa, Somalia and Europe (not to mention North America) have all largely failed. But continued Taliban activity in Pakistan and Afghanistan has provided al Qaeda with one area where they might be able to have a little success. But that will require a change in methods. In the rest of the world, al Qaeda has caused itself lots of problems by using terror tactics against Moslems (who refused to support the terrorists). This approach worked, for a while, but eventually the Moslem victims had enough and turned on al Qaeda. There have already been some clashes in Pakistan, between angry tribesmen, and al Qaeda groups that tried to use force to get what they wanted. To many of the Pushtun tribes along the Pakistani-Afghan frontier, the al Qaeda gunmen are seen as haughty foreigners, who look down on Pushtuns, and are quick to use force on anyone who gets in their way.

From the frying pan and into the fire – it is possible al-Qaeda’s days are numbered. I am pleasantly surprised to see what I hopefully predicted would happen last May is coming true now in December.

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  1. WWS says:

    if true, then there definitely be no big ramp up in bombings as per the article you commented on yesterday – there isn’t anyone left to carry the orders out! Reminds one of Hitler in his bunker giving wild orders to panzer divisions that no longer existed.

    There could always be a few guys who will try to get in their last licks and make a few efforts, but there’s something else that comes into play in the war of annihilation that Al Qaeda’s been fighting, and it’s probably the biggest military downside of using suicide as a weapon. Simply put, when you get to the end, all of the people you had who were eager and willing to die have already died. The handful left strongly tend to be the most risk-averse and cautious of the bunch, otherwise they would have blown themselves up long before now. By and large, these remnants aren’t going to be the kinds of men who will make a big splash and get themselves killed in the process (although there will be a few exceptions); the majority of them will simply find a way to crawl into the woodwork and slither quietly away, forever.

  2. Dorf77 says:

    Until the snake is DEAD it is still a snake.

    The policy of attracting the bastard spawn of a muslim Satan to Iraq to be eliminated (bees to honey) appears to have worked….. On to the Pashtun areas and hope we can eliminate them there as well…. Will Iran be next or will they reduce the problems themselves……..

  3. clarice says:

    Thnx, AJ. (as you know I don’t own AT so I often miss links but I caught this one. I’m even happier that Jveritas’ report gets seen by more eyes.