Dec 03 2007

November Progress In Iraq Confirmed, Part IV

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It seems November is one of those months where all indicators are pointing towards a positive future for Iraq. First reported was the reduction in US combat deaths. The second indicator reported was the parallel drop in Iraqi civilian deaths. Both of these continue 6 month trends. The third indicator reported was the significant drop in fresh foreign fighters coming to Iraq, which could be due to a myriad of factors – including the fact al-Qaeda is losing support in the Muslim world.

Another fourth indicator is out today, which shows a continued flow of returning refugees:

Between 25,000 and 28,000 Iraqi refugees have returned to Iraq since mid-September, the Iraqi Red Crescent Organisation said in its latest report, citing improved security as the main factor.

The numbers from the independent agency are lower than those given by the Iraqi government, which estimates as many as 60,000 refugees have made the homeward trip across the border in the past few months.

The Red Crescent said in its report, obtained on Monday by AFP, that “a significant number” of refugees began to return from Syria in September and October, with the flow decreasing in November.

Of the returnees, the Red Crescent estimates that 19,000 to 21,500 headed to Baghdad and between 6,000 and 6,500 to Iraq’s 17 other provinces.

“In Iraq, the security situation improved as a result of law enforcement, especially in Baghdad and other governates,” the report said.

“Consequently, a significant number of externally displaced returned to Iraq starting mid-September and through October … The flow of returnees gradually decreased during November.”

Dealing with refugees is going to be a challenge – in fact a test for the new Iraqi government. Most of these people will be returning to find their homes lost or in someone else’s hands. I doubt the government will shine initially. But progress brings change and change is a challenge. Don’t let the hand wringers twist the good news into bad news simply because people are facing a change. Refugees returning is good. Refugees leaving is bad. No need to over think this in order to garner some twisted rationalization. Some people look at Iraq and see Vietnam – no matter what is happening in Iraq. They will see Iraq through a twisted prism. The rest of us know Vietnam was over 30 years ago and completely different from Iraq. We see Iraq as a an opportunity to rid the world of Islamo Fascism, with many tough challenges to face. Ridding the world of Islamo Fascism is going to have challenges no matter which path is taken. Freeing Iraq and making it an ally is a pretty good trade off IMHO.

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