Dec 01 2007

How Did, uh, Hillary, uh, Weather The, uh, Hostage, uh, Incident?

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I was traveling back from our week long post-Thanksgiving vacation with my family when the hostage incident was going on at Hillary’s campaign office last night. We were in an airport listening with many others – who did not seem to care much. But I have to admit I was taken back by some comments from my family that the whole thing was staged for Hillary and CNN. I think the staged debates have had a serious impact on the credibility of the Democrat candidates and the liberal news outlets like CNN.

From what I have read this morning (H/T Tom Maguire) it was some despondent lefty who was upset at the infringement of his 4th Amendment Rights. It could have been a conservative, there are a tiny few who are unhappy with FISA-NSA debate, but the odds are some lefty is all upset Clinton hasn’t shutdown the NSA and thinks everyone is out to get him. Classic liberal FISA clap trap.

But I want to discuss how Hillary did when the incident ended. It could be a re-run of the phenomena first seen in the Kennedy-Nixon debates, but I doubt it. I did not watch her comments, I heard them, so she may have come off better in person. From my family members who watched I don’t think so, but we are all anti-Hillary so take it for what it means. But Hillary could not get three words strung together without an “uh” stuck in there. It made her sound confused and grasping for words. It made her sound insecure, not confident or thankful. It probably destroyed her chances for the Democrat nomination.

I was really hoping Hillary would be the Dem candidate (just like I hoped Howard Dean would be) since I want the GOP contender as easy a shot as possible. I was hoping Hillary would flame out later in the process. But I, uh, think she, …uh… may have, uh, done herself, er… a lot of, uh, damage last night. Presidents don’t use a lot of “uh’s” when speaking. Take that one to the bank.

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3 Responses to “How Did, uh, Hillary, uh, Weather The, uh, Hostage, uh, Incident?”

  1. stevevvs says:

    There are a lot of people where I work who like this woman. It bogles my mind! I just don’t understand it.

  2. Boghie says:

    He was a day or two late for the CNN/YouTube Debate…

    He had been drinking through the debate, angered at the injustice of it all. I mean wacked out Republican John Edwards and Hillary Clinton staff were allowed in!!! In his bleary eyed drunken liberal depression he called ‘The Most Busted Name in News’ – CNN.

    Certainly CNN will get this Kucinich voter on the next Democratic CNN/YouTube debate now that he has been properly vetted… He did all those other chumps one better – a live debate question with police and hostages and one of the candidates and everything!!!

  3. WWS says:

    I doubt that many people watched or noticed her response, certainly not enough to change the primary outcomes. Hillary should still get the nomination easily, simply because not-ready for prime time obambi and prettyboy edwards are so pathetic. Talk about a race without a single truly viable candidate!!!

    But in the general election, this clip can be used over and over again.

    Dems are destined to nominate Hillary. Hillary is destined to lose. And everyone with any sense on both sides knows that already, and it still is going to happen anyway.