Nov 28 2007

America More Bullish (And Optimistic) On Iraq

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So, forget the idiotic question that goes something like “do you want the American troops out of Iraq as soon as possible” because it is a senseless question just about everyone (me included) would support if they did not assume any hidden meanings. But outside that question a new Pew Poll show a stunning turn around in the views of Americans:

Military effort is going –

Very Well, Fairly Well:
Nov 07: 48%
Sep 07: 41%
Jun 07: 34%
Feb 07: 30%

Not To/At All Well:
Nov 07: 48%
Sep 07: 54%
Jun 07: 61 %
Feb 07: 67%

From more than 2-1 against to 50-50 split since the Surge was first discussed until its incredible results we see today. The Democrats are screwed if the continue to pretend defeat is the preferred option when we see a strong chance for victory. And we have one Democrat who is going to be vindicated who sees the reality, Senator Joe Lieberman:

CAVUTO: What have you seen?

LIEBERMAN: This is the third time I have been in Iraq since last December. And last December, Al Qaeda was winning — it’s as simple as that — and we were losing. Today, Al Qaeda is on the run. We are winning.

What’s more important, the normal people of Iraq are winning. They are returning to their homes. Their businesses are opening up again, and they have decided something that’s critically important not just in Iraq, but in the larger war against terrorism. They have decided that al Qaeda is their enemy, and, ultimately, we are more supportive of their future than Al Qaeda is.

So, it’s been, I think, one of the most remarkable turnarounds in modern military history. And it’s time that everybody, including Democratic candidates, acknowledge reality and get off of this storyline of retreat and defeat that they have been too committed to.

We are winning. And if the November numbers on the level of violence in Iraq show continued declines (as I suspect they will) we shall see these numbers in public opinion continue to shift along with our path to success in Iraq. 2008 will be an interesting election year, with lots of new faces on the GOP side to give America a real chance for a leadership change.

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  1. WWS says:

    I lament that so many people today have never studied any military history and thus have no clue as to the ebbs and flows of military ventures. It is in the nature of military activity for the outlook to change radically as events on the ground unfold – and straight line thinking almost always fails to grasp the situation or its possibilities.

    Saw a story today that doesn’t fit in with this comment, but I stick it here for your note. The Ft. Huachuca story that made some news a few days back was basically a hoax, or in FBI speak “A thorough investigation was conducted and there is no evidence showing that the threat was credible.”

    Having lived in Arizona for a while, I’ve actually visitied Ft. Huachuca which is why I thought this was bogus from the moment I heard it. Ft. Huachuca sits on a remote mountain ridge in the middle of the Sonoran desert, with only one main heavily guarded access road and control gates (guardhouse) over a mile away from the bulk of the installation. (maybe more, it’s been a few years since I saw it) Without that road, it’s at least a fifty mile walk across one of the nastiest deserts there is just to get to the perimeter fences. Bottom line, this is probably one of the most difficult targets in the entire US to try and attack – anything in Washington D.C. would be child’s play by comparison. The only reason Ft. Huachuca’s name comes up is that its close to the Mexican border (although that part of Mexico is an uninhabitated wasteland) and so it’s easy to use it as a way to play on people’s fear of the border.

    But in reality, this story is and always was pathetic nonsense.

  2. Terrye says:


    Besides that these people don’t tend to go after people who can defend themselves.

    I hear that Bush is thinking about bringing some guys home in the not too distant future. What will the Democrats do then?