Nov 19 2007

How Much Good News Will Come From Iraq?

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We in America our experiencing a Tsunami of good news out of Iraq (see all my posts on Iraq here). It is becoming all too clear I will not be able to keep posting on all of them – there are now just too many! But let’s do one more simply because it is from Newsweek and should drive KoS and his kiddies on the far left absolutely banannas now that they are associated with an outfit like Newsweek – who is clearly distributing Bush propaganda to the uneducated masses in America!

For the first time, however, returning to Baghdad after an absence of four months, I can actually say that things do seem to have gotten better, and in ways that may even be durable. “It’s hard to believe,” says a friend named Fareed, who has also gone and come back over the years to find the situation always worse, “but this time it’s really not.” Such words are uttered only grudgingly by those such as me, who have been disappointed again and again by Iraq, where a pessimist is merely someone who has had to endure too many optimists. It doesn’t help that no sooner have I written these words than my cup of coffee spills as a massive explosion shakes our building—the first blast near our place in weeks, and the more shocking for that. We grab body armor and helmets and await the all-clear. It is “only” an IED near the entrance to the Green Zone, targeting a U.S. convoy and killing two civilians and one American soldier.

The explosion is the exception to the rule—but one of the reasons the U.S. military is gun-shy about claiming success too soon. IED attacks across the country are at their lowest point since September 2004, down 50 percent just since the surge peaked last summer. There hasn’t been a successful suicide car bombing in Baghdad in five weeks, and the few ones in recent months have been small and ineffective.

Someone probably needs to put the far left on a suicide watch. This constant vindication of Bush is going to drive many of those suffering deep BDS to go over the edge! H/T RCP.

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