Nov 18 2007

Pakistan Mobilizing Against Terrorists

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Stories abound on the Pakistan’s efforts to hunt down, root out and destroy the last large massing of Islamo Terrorist. This story outlines the new push to free the Swat valley of the insurgents now trying to desperately take over that region.

The army said Saturday that it has massed 15,000 troops for a major assault on Islamic militants in a scenic northern valley, whose fall has raised concern about Pakistan’s ability to withstand rising extremism.

Security forces have been fighting in the Swat Valley, a former tourist destination just 100 miles from the capital, since July, when a bloody army raid on a radical mosque in Islamabad sparked a wave of militant violence.

Foreign fighters allegedly have joined the armed followers of Maulana Fazlullah, a pro-Taliban cleric in the valley, amplifying Western fears that swaths of Pakistan near the Afghan border offer an increasingly safe haven for Al Qaeda.

With al-Qaeda being pushed out of Iraq it seems they are now massing in Pakistan. But it also has all the tell tale signs of another Battle of The Bulge, which ws Nazi Germany’s last gasp before it collapsed under allied forces. At time it looked like Hitler’s forces might make a come back, but hindsight shows it was not going to happen. It was only a short delay of the inevitable.

The build up is still in progress, as shown in this story. But the fighting this weekend continues to intensify and the terrorists are taking heavy casualties, as show on this story. We may be witnessing a more rapid end to the war on terror than many of us predicted. al-Qaeda may have been just too violent for Islam to stomach. We shall see, but with one more year to go for Bush I am beginning to see the possibility he will leave office with major victories under his belt.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    One thing to remember here. The Pak army usually fights people other than Pak’s .

    Particularly sensitive here is this pits Punjab army members against Punjab populations in the tribal areas.

  2. stevevvs says:

    One thing to remember here. The Pak army usually fights people other than Pak’s .

    Excellent Point. And there are plenty of people in their military who are very simpathetic to the Jihadist Cause. There have been thousands of Pakistans Military members who have deserted rather than kill fellow Muslims. A very tricky situation in Pakistan, that will require time to sort out. The Madrasses over there are notorious for producing nothing but Jihadists. There was a story in the Washington Times a week or so back about a Young man who was “educated” in the Madrasses in Pakistan. I think he was around 16 years old, and could only write his name and his father name, that’s it. But he could recite for you the Qur’an, from memory, in Arabic. And trust me, over there, they know about ABROGATION, and which verses to memorize!
    Chapter 9 of the Qur’an, in English called “Ultimatum”, is the most important concerning the issue of abrogation and jihad against unbelievers.
    Sadly, most people in the West are totaly unfamiliar with Islamic history, Islamic law, and the texts and tenants of Islam. It’s all very obtainable, but most think it’s un necessary to know your enemy to win wars, I guess.
    Well, take care, I’m getting ready for NASCAR and NFL, or in my world, heaven on earth! Boogitie, Boogitie, Boogitie, let’s go racin’ boys! Hate to see the season end.

  3. Dorf77 says:


    Perhaps an Islam for dummies 3 page edition???

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Hope Pakistan wins this battle. They’ve had problems against Al Qaeda and Taliban in the past. I read that Musharraf was reconsidering allowing them to stay radical Islam. Big mistake.