Nov 16 2007

UN IAEA Confirms My Prediction Iran Will Have Nuke In A Year

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Not long ago I researched the production capability 3,000 gas centrifuges would provide Iran on its path to a nuclear weapon. The results of my research were unnerving:

But the point is the 3,000 centrifuge mark just achieved by Iran can produce 30 kg per year, which is sufficient for 2 small nuclear weapons.

This assessment of how much time the world has before Iran could export suicide jihadists with nuclear bombs has just been confirmed by the UN’s IAEA:

Iran has installed 3,000 centrifuges for enriching uranium – enough to begin industrial-scale production of nuclear fuel and build a warhead within a year, the UN’s nuclear watchdog reported last night.

The report by Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), will intensify US and European pressure for tighter sanctions and increase speculation of a potential military conflict.

It is official, Iran will become a nuclear power before Bush leaves office. And no one can claim he has not attempted to bring the full pressure of the world on Iran to change course. But the Mullahs are Mad and Ahmedinejad does believe he is blazing the path for Islams final Hidden Imam, who comes to Earth when Islam takes control of the world.

All rationalizations looking to deny the threat aside, we have zero capability to ensure and guarantee to the people of America Iran won’t be sending out nuclear suicide bombers once they get production running. Suicide bombers will be hard to track back to decisions made in Tehran.

We can either let people die from nuclear weapons and then get the will to act, or we can get the will to act before people are killed. We need to ask ourselves why others should die to give us the strength to act? Yes, it is harder to act without good and clear cause, but there comes a point where you must act and take the risk so many, many others might live. This is not an easy situation, but the two optional end games are pretty clear. Iran has been warned.

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2 Responses to “UN IAEA Confirms My Prediction Iran Will Have Nuke In A Year”

  1. dave m says:

    Looks like the UK is sending a carrier battle group to the
    Persian Gulf in January.

    Also Israel has served coded diplomatic notice that it will not
    wait for the world by “leaking” to reuters “secret” cabinet memorandi
    instructing ministers to prepare option papers for “the day after”,
    a tacit warning to DC that it judges diplomacy as
    failed – whatever else DC says.

    And moderately mainstream Jersualem Post calls Al-Baradei
    a liar and says his latest report is “unacceptable”.

  2. the struggler says:

    “say when”…Doc holiday