Nov 14 2007

Justice Investigates Successful Protection Of Americans

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There have been no attacks on US soil by terrorists since 9-11. None. And the credit for this amazing record of success can be given to the men and women who keep a vigilant watch on our enemies and who they contact. They investigate the contacts to make sure another group of suicidal jihadists have not made it to our shores to wreak mayhem. And there have been attempts to do just that. A new article, while a bit preachy, identifies 19 publically known attempts to attack the US and kill people. It is an important read for anyone who wants to debate our current situation and the threat we face.

But some people want to go back to the pre 9-11 days and be just as oblivious to the possibility of mass murder as we were back then. Some people don’t think terrorism is all that big a deal, and are more afraid of Nixon’s ghost appearing in the intel community and diverting resources to investigate political opponents. These same people turned a blind eye to hundreds of FBI background files on political opponents showing up in the Clinton White House! But if Bush is out trying to stop terrorism there is something wrong.

So now we have a justice department political hack (yes, there is politics in DC) investigating whether legal decisions by prior justice department officers were legal. What for? The fact is those decisions or positions by prior officers were legitimate. People disagree on the meaning of laws, scope of laws, applicability of laws to situations. Big deal. But political hacks try and use those differences in opinions to smear their opponents. And the plliant and biased News Media is more than happy to play along.

Look, nothing is going to come of this investigation. Instead of investigating prior Justice Department officials thinking, these resources would be better used in finding and stopping the next terrorist attack heading our way. Playing politics in this area can be deadly to innocent Americans. And we know it.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    I was wondering why Mukasey wanted to reopen the investigation. Guess he would have to in order to approve the next 45 days, huh?

    Will the Democrats trust Mukasey’s report?

    I see that Bush has granted security clearance to some of the DOJ’s.

    Yup, the DOJ will not find anything and better yet, they will understand the threats better.

  2. WWS says:

    my guess is that this is just a make-work paper shuffling project to appease some senators. After 45 days some meaningless “findings” will be submitted which blame any problems safely on persons no longer at the Department, mostly Gonzalez. (always blame everything on the guy who’s gone, that’s S.O.P. in any organization. Clears the decks and costs nothing)

  3. Dc says:

    I told you a long time ago…to a democrat..”illegal” is anything they disagree with…including speech.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    I am not sure Carolyn Glick is entirely correct. The way I see it is that as long as Iraq continues to greater successes, then it’s one problem out of the way allowing us to move to other important issues. Right now Pakistan appears to be the biggest issue. I’m hoping that those nuclear weapons are well protected or moved out of Pakistan into a western country.

    Iran follows.

    Aside from that, these are the reasons why we need to put someone like Rudy, Mitt, Fred, John McCain into the WH and elect more Republicans back into both houses. Surely one has to see that many of the Democrats are more interested in placing socialism before national security. Do we want that?