Nov 09 2007

Anbar Awakening Shiek Comes To America To Give Thanks

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In the continuing wave of incredible events which demonstrate the sea change in Iraq’s fortunes a Sunni Sheik, who now leads the Anbar Awakening which rose up to purge Anbar Province of al-Qaeda, has come to America to personally thank the community of soldiers who helped liberate his people from al-Qaeda’s butchers and the atrocities they inflicted on Iraq’s Sunni Muslims:

An important sheik from an Iraqi province had a reunion on Thursday with some Vermont soldiers at the state National Guard headquarters.

(Abu Risha) (voice in Arabic, then translator) “We would like to express our appreciation to the National Guard and to the state of Vermont.”

(Host) Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha spoke through a translator. He said his province has overcome terrorists and insurgents.

(Abu Risha) (voices shift back and forth from Arabic to English) “Today in this state … we present this victory … to the families of the victims of the soldiers in Iraq … and specifically express our appreciation to the state of Vermont.”

(Host) He was one of three officials from the Al Anbar province who visited the US.

This amazing act of appreciation to America by a man who represents a key population of Iraq is more than newsworthy. It is a very real and human act of recognition of what our two peoples have accomplished in Iraq over the last year. If this doesn’t make headline news in America then America should dump its “journalists” for being the biased, political hucksters they must be by ignoring this important and poignant event. Iraqis are grateful for what we have done to liberate them and save them from the Islamo Fascists. So much so they have travelled half a world away to show that gratitude.

Welcome to the new world where one time Iraqi enemies are now grateful friends who shared a common and challenging cause: the liberation of a people from brutal oppression.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    I am glad they had the meeting, but what little I have seen on this was on obscure New England blogs and the local anti-war types could have easily been used to set them up in a conga line biting maple trees to tap them for syrup.