Jul 30 2005

Dems Reputation On Truthfulness

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Here is the title to a NYTime story – which I will not read. I don’t have to.

Bolton Not Truthful, 36 Senators Charge in Opposing Appointment

Why don’t I have to read it? Well, I am sure Ted Kennedy is in the gang of ‘Holders of The Truth’, given his answers so many years ago regarding a certain car and a certain bridge – and a certain night to think up his answers has his companion drowned. I am sure Dick ‘nazifiy them’ Durbin is in the gang. I am sure Pat “Leaking Classified Material Is Fun” Leahy is there too. Could Joe “plagarize this” Biden be in there? Possibly. And any republicans who decide to jump aboard this ‘truth squad’ are only demonstrating their lack of integrity in holding everyone to the same standard of truth. Is Hillary in there, speaking of a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ – aka the political opposition?

Who cares? Bolton forgot he talked to an IG on a matter that did not directly relate to him. I too would have answered no, because the question implies being directly involved in an investigation. But truth? Too many Senators have been spinning so long they don’t even have a vague memory of what it is.

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