Oct 30 2007

Another News Media Hoax From Iraq

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Some might have seen the headlines recently from Iraq that seemed to be a reversal in our progress in Iraq in stopping al-Qaeda’s violence. It involved the discovery of 20 beheaded bodies and was played up as some kind of sign things were not improving. Apparently the only thing not improving is the SurrenderMedia’s inability to stop publicizing fake propaganda for the terrorists trying to stop their pending destruction in Iraq – seems the story was another media hoax:

Last night, just before bed, I was reading this story about the hand-over of the Karbala province to the control of Iraqi forces and wondering why AFP felt the need to start that report with six paragraphs about some decapitated bodies found northeast of Baghdad. I mean, they’re two different stories right? Karbala being handed over is one story, the headless bodies is another. But it’s like AFP just couldn’t report the good news about Karbala being handed over to Iraqi forces without first making you painfully aware of these headless bodies that had been found

I was going to post on that last night, but I’m glad I held off because now it turns out that the story about the headless bodies isn’t even true. It was repeated in news outlets all over the world, but the BBC is now reporting that it didn’t even happen.

I hesitated too on the story, only pointing out it would do nothing but create more allies for the US forces in Iraq. Here is some of the reporting of ‘fact’ from the BBC:

Meanwhile, Iraqi police denied earlier reports that 20 headless bodies had been found dumped near Baquba.

Yep, one little line buried in the middle of another story. Google the original fake story and you will get 100’s of hits. Then try and find a headline about what pathetic dupes the SurrenderMedia is and how they continue to report our enemies’ propaganda for them – so they survive a little longer and kill a few more people. Ridiculous.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    At least they could change the body count..This is the 2nd time for 20 headless bodies. They got this Halloween thing working or what?

    Someone got 20 as a favorite number for the lotto maybe.

  2. WWS says:

    The bodies were found in Iraq, the heads were found in Dallas!


    and that’s one of the strangest local stories I’ve seen in a while.