Oct 30 2007

Iraq Violence Sharply Declining, Iraqis Continue To Rise Up Against al-Qaeda

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The death toll in Iraq is declining rapidly as the US and Iraqis turn the tables on al-Qaeda and their Islamo Fascist cousins. The numbers are just amazing:

Thirty-seven Americans have died in October, the lowest monthly figure since March 2006 when 31 perished, according to the U.S. military.

The number of Iraqi civilians killed in September was 844, down from 1,990 in January, according to Iraqi governmental figures provided to CNN.

Slain bodies found dumped in Baghdad dropped from 428 in August to 301 in September and 151 so far in October, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said.

No one can say the Surge is not producing results that benefit everyone in Iraq. Anyone who does is just in denial. Anyone still singing this old song is just not woth listening to.

And speaking of denial, those Shieks kidnapped and then rescued in Diyala are unbowed in their efforts to turn Iraq into a success for the world and a disasterous defeat for Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda thugs:

– It had to be done quickly. Rogue Shiite militiamen were holding hostage a group of Sunni and Shiite tribal sheiks who had joined a revolt against al-Qaida. For the government and its U.S. backers, the seven men represented a rare symbol of national unity.

A daring rescue operation secured their freedom and the sheiks on Tuesday vowed to continue their fight.

The sheiks, who said they had been tortured and humiliated by their captors during their 30-hour ordeal, come from Khalis, a region in Diyala where al-Qaida has a heavy presence.

Al-Qaida militants, the sheiks told Iraqi and U.S. commanders, had prevented food rations from reaching them for a year, cut off power supply to their villages and ruined their orchards.

“Al-Qaida has condemned us to death,” said Haroon al-Mohammedawi, the leader of the group.

“But we have a strong uprising and we have volunteers from the age of 14 to 75,” said the bearded sheik, who seized on the opportunity of meeting senior Iraqi commanders to demand government support for his uprising.

“We already forgot the pain and the wounds from our ordeal,” said al-Mohammedawi, a Shiite. «We pledge to you, the people and leadership of Iraq, that we will stay the course.

Every whimpering liberal who cries we need to abandon these brave people in their hour of need, when they have the opportunity to bring light and life to the darkness al-Qaeda has inflicted on them, should bow their head in shame. We have the Muslim street rising up on our side, and they can destroy al-Qaeda and starve it of support and recruits and root them out of their hiding places. We have al-Qaeda as a common enemy – now is NOT the time to go fetal and give up on Iraq. The Iraqis sure haven’t.

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