Oct 30 2007

Iraqis Pull Off Rescue Of Anti al-Qaeda Sheiks

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Yesterday there was news of 11 anti al-Qaeda Sheiks, and today we here that 8 of them (Sunni and Shiite) have been rescued:

Iraqi security forces rescued eight of 11 kidnapped Shiite and Sunni tribal leaders Monday, said Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askari.

“The operation, based on reliable intelligence reports, began this afternoon by al-Rasafa security forces in Baghdad,” al-Askari told Voices of Iraq.’

The tribal leaders allied with U.S. troops against al-Qaida were kidnapped from their convoy while returning home Sunday from Baghdad.

The minor mention of “reliable intelligence” is a hint some locals snitched out the operations – maybe even a mole. To have found and rescued so many so fast would seem to indicate the tide has turned on al-Qaeda and is swamping it fast. They really cannot survive once the Iraqis had turned on them and wanted them dead for all their atrocities. The end of al-Qaeda and Islamic extremism is probably dead for a long time in Iraq.

And some conservative news organizations are rightfully having some fun at al-Qaeda’s ‘Quagmire in Iraq‘. While the left frets and prays for failure, the rest of us can enjoy some reasonable optimism about Iraq now.

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  1. Iraq Improving, Afghanistan Not So Much…

    Good news: our Iraqi allies managed to rescue anti al-Qaeda sheiks because the locals gave up the bad guys by informing on them. But Michael Yon thinks that we could lose Afghanistan. vadkinsQT Monster Blog Home…

  2. dave m says:

    Latest news is that it was not Al-Qaeda (per Pat Dollard)
    but rather Muqtada Al-Sadr’s “renegade” militia, you know,
    the ones that disobeyed his “order” to make nice and instead
    decided to get their instructions straight from Iran –
    which by the way, is the same place that Mr. Muq gets his
    orders, even if he engages in a bit of taqiyya now and then!