Jul 30 2005

Blinded By Hate, Pact With A Devil

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The Mainstream, Liberal Media (yes, I know that is redundant) has been using its supposedly objective and independent voice in society to be anything but independent. And all indications are the MSM is sinking farther and farther into becoming propoganda houses for the left. But now there are indications of some outlets sinking into alliance with the Islamo Fascists. The alliance is not in doubt, the question right now is whether it was an accidental or deliberate step over the cliff.

As background recall all the media’s efforts to undermine the Bush policies of offense against the terrorists and their protectorates. Most importantly, the MSM seems most concerned about the protectorates who refuse to demonstrate alliance with the West. That is why Libya and Pakistan do not get the same press as Iraq.

Spin is one thing, but the out right making up of stories and evidence is another, It began with Richard Clarke, who tried, with the media, to make the title of a memo to Bush on Al Qaeda a smoking gun of neglect. There is still the Plame/Wilson silliness due to one man’s concern over 16 words in a speech and the fate of the planet (really, those 16 words meant the end of the world) and we had Dan Rather’s forged but accurate memos. We had the Downing Street Memos which were preserved by copying the contents on an old typewriter, and then copying the copy many times to age them – to hide evidence of the source. Except, not the one DSM memo that was used to claim Bush wanted to invade Iraq in 2002 (duh!). We had the NYTimes charade on munitions missing from an amunition dump, only to find out the NYTimes didn’t have a clue what was missing or when, or how much.

Anyone sense a pattern here? Some elements of the media have gone beyond spin and filtering of information and into passing out fiction as fact -w hich is bad enough. And then we come to The Guardian [hat tip Polipundit]

Burgess read some of Aslam’s pieces — in which the trainee wrote that he considered today’s British-born Muslims “sassy” and wrote that today’s young British terrorists “aren’t afraid to rock the boat” — and smelled a rat. Background work revealed not only was the trainee a member of Hiz ut-Tahir, but he had previous journalistic experience of writing for its bloodthirsty magazine which specializes in incitement to harm Jews and also mandates the re-establishment of the Caliphate.

No matter how The Guardian now tries to downplay its lofty disregard for Aslam’s primary allegiance (and its readers in not identifying him), it cannot deny that it ran a story on Hiz ut-Tahrir last November in which it terms the organization “Britain’s most radical Islamic group”.

The Guardian’s executive editor for news, Albert Scardino, has just resigned according to Burgess. Burgess reports that his source at The Guardian said Scardino’s position had become “untenable” due to the split between Aslam’s supporters and those who wanted him gone.

Supporters? There are supporters inside the Guardian after all this?? The paper finds a terrorist propoganda mole in their midst, using their news outlet to establish a back lash against the West for taking action to snuff out violent terrorism. They ‘discover’ the guy is from violent sect, which he refuses to resign from in order to keep is job! And there is sufficient support to cause more staff changes?

Look, there are only two ways the Guardian got itself into this mess. If they were duped, they were duped because they want people who can make the case, in a popular way, against Bush an Blair and their offense against the terrorists and their enabling state sponsors (again, notice the difference in press coverage for Libya and Pakistan vs Iraq?).

The other way was they had some idea of the situation and, because of their desire for a strong anti Bush/Blair voice, they proceeded ahead despite knowing some things were not right. In fact probably knowing things were quite wrong.

I was in the camp thinking they got duped in their desparation to get Bush. But now, with talk of supporters and the act of giving this mole an opportunity to ‘say’ he was no longer a terrorist to keep his job, I am leaning towards the latter.

Are we seeing the liberal MSM slip beyond spin, beyond fiction and into an alliance with the devil? I seriously hope not.

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