Oct 30 2007

Tancredo Tanks

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I am not sad to see firebrand Tom Tancredo take his bow from politics. He was one of those far right GOP types who made be glad to claim I am an independent. His story is a telltale for how badly the GOP has handled the immigration issue by towing the line of its most strident wing:

Tancredo has campaigned for the GOP nomination with zeal, focusing most of his passion on illegal immigration, which he cites frequently as the biggest problem the country faces.

In debates, at campaign stops and in campaign commercials, Tancredo pushes for strict border enforcement, construction of a border fence and efforts to return illegal immigrants to their native countries.

But his hard-line views on the issue have not translated into support in the polls, where he consistently languishes at the bottom of the contenders.

Nor has it earned him the support of the Republican money establishment, which has concluded that Tancredo’s brand of aggressive, in-your-face confrontation about immigration is not what voters want.

The so-called support Tancredo and his followers claim they had never existed. Or else he would be swimming in support and campaign funds. This should be a good lesson to the GOP, their hard liners are failing miserably. He is taking his marbles home and I don’t think anybody is really all that upset. Nudge, nudge – know what I mean?

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  1. stevevvs says:

    Tancrado Tanks? Really? Actually, if not for his efforts, the GOP would be far worse off today.
    Check this out:

    NY Democrats Complain Spitzer Driver’s License Decision Will Cost Them

    “Top Democrats fear that Gov. Spitzer’s controversial plan to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens has endangered their party’s candidates across the state — and even threatens the presidential prospects of Hillary Rodham Clinton, The Post has learned. A half-dozen senior Democrats told The Post that Spitzer’s licensing plan is producing what one called “a mass exodus” away from the party’s candidates that may lead to unexpected losses in November’s local elections,” the New York Post reports. “Another senior Democrat predicted that Sen. Clinton, who has repeatedly refused to say whether she backs Spitzer’s plan, would soon be forced to reject it. “The immigrant license issue is one of the most politically dangerous in the nation, and Hillary will have to come out against it,” the Democrat said.”

    And this:

    Immigration Matters [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

    Poll Finds Va. Focused On Illegal Immigrants
    Issue Could Sway State, Local Races

    By Anita Kumar and Jon Cohen Washington Post October 24, 2007; A01

    After years of simmering in the background, illegal immigration has quickly emerged as one of the key issues in Virginia’s Nov. 6 election, particularly in Northern Virginia, where voters say they are seeking candidates who will address it, according to a new Washington Post poll.

    Three-quarters of likely voters in Virginia said immigration is important to their votes in the election for state and local offices, while just a year ago, immigration ranked seventh of 10 listed issues in a Post poll before the U.S. Senate race. Since then, the percentage of Virginia voters calling immigration “extremely” or “very” important to their vote has jumped 15 points.

    “That’s heartening,” said Corey A. Stewart (R-At Large), chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, who spearheaded efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants. “For many people, this has really become a serious threat to their quality of life.”

    There is a widespread sense that illegal immigration is a local problem, particularly after Congress’s failure to approve an immigration overhaul this summer. That has vaulted the issue into prominence.

    It would seem, if not for him, we would be far worse off.

    At least your consistantly wrong.

  2. stevevvs says:

    John O Sullivan had a nice tribute to him at the corner yesterday.

  3. stevevvs says:

    Tancredo [John O’Sullivan]

    I’m sorry that Tom Tancredo is retiring from Congress. He’s never been a favorite of the Corner, but I know him quite well and think very highly of his bravery, decency, and devotion to principle. Tom is an NR conservative of long standing—one of those people like Jim Talent who learned their conservatism at the feet of WFB. He is also one of the main reasons why immigration is now at the center of public debate. When he arrived in Congress, it was an issue that had been left fallow. He promptly established and built up a bipartisan immigration caucus that, first, forced the issue onto the main political agenda, and then blocked the White House and the two party leaderships from pushing through a misbegotten “comprehensive” reform that was really open borders in drag. (To be fair, he couldn’t have done this without the assistance of George W. Bush.)

    But immigration is not the sole issue of concern to Tom. He is a conservative across the board. And conservatives who differ with him on immigration can still rest assured that his voice and vote will support their general issues. When the immigration debate took off for the second time two years ago, some on the “open borders” side quietly dismissed Tom as one of the Yahoos who were supposedly the main opponents of the legislation. Tom may occasionally have misspoken, as we all do. But the barnstorming talk he gave to the “values voters” showed that there was real political talent in this modest American. So does his command of his constituency. With almost the entire national, state, and media establishment against him, he still racks up overwhelming victories at home. If he had not decided to retire Congress of his own accord, he could have held the seat until death supervened.

    Tom is not retiring from politics, however—he’s running for the presidency still. Though highly unlikely to win, he ensures that the more favored candidates cannot simply fob off the voters with bland cliches about assimilation and “a nation of immigrants.” As long as he is on the platform, they can be held to account, and forced to propose genuine solutions to the problem of massive uncontrolled immigration (as Fred Thompson seems to be doing, to his credit.) I hope Tom stays in the race as long as possible and that he does well. And when he finally bows out, I trust he will remain on the national stage in some role until immigration is finally brought under democratic control. Alas, that looks likely to be a long way off despite Tom’s best and brave efforts.

  4. stevevvs says:

    Tancredo as a Congressman;

    100% “Best and Brightest” Rating from American Conservative Union (one of only 38 other Congressmen)
    100% Rating from National Right to Life Committee
    100% Rating from Conservative Index (Spring ‘05 – 75% lifetime, tied for second highest rating)
    100% Rating from Concerned Women for America
    100% Rating from Christian Coalition
    100% Rating from Campaign for Working Families
    100% Rating from FreedomWorks
    98% Rating from National Tax Limitation Committee (average since 1999)
    95% “Taxpayer Hero” Rating from Citizens Against Government Waste
    95% Rating from Americans for Tax Reform
    95% Rating from Christian Action Network
    93% Rating from Eagle Forum (tied for second highest rating)
    0% Rating from National Education Association
    0% Rating from National Organization for Women
    0% Rating from Brady Campaign
    0% Rating from People for the American Way
    0% Rating from Planned Parenthood
    0% Rating from Pro-Choice America

    Rated 84% by NTU, indicating a “Taxpayer’s Friend” on tax votes.
    Rated B+ by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record.

    I love his mantra…..
    This is our culture; fight for it.
    This is our flag; pick it up.
    This is our country; take it back.

  5. stevevvs says:

    I would think you would place your labeling of “Far Right”, not on actual conservatives, but on the Ron Paul’s and David Duke’s of the world.
    You even label Michelle Malkin as “Far Right”. Well, she is actually conservative and gutsy.
    Lets Compare, shall we?
    Michelle- goes to anti war demonstrations and posts pictures.
    AJ- ???
    Michelle- Geos to a war zone for 7-10 days to see Iraq for herself. And pays for it with her money, and any she got from her supporters.
    Actually reads books, and writes reviews for them on the back jacket. Examples: America Alone, The Truth About Muhammad, In Mortal Danger, Whatever it Takes, etc.
    Michelle- Actually interviews victims of Illegal Aliens, and goes thru reems of Government data to write a Best Seller.
    Michelle- Goes to Illegal Alien Rallies.

    It would seem that those who actually have the belief in their convictions are not affraid to DEMONSTRATE them.

    Some are leaders in movements, other stay at home, close to their computers.

    Some have guts, some have just keyboards.

    Some have false names, some with guts, let their names be known.

    Take care folks, I’m cooking a pan of Lasagna, so I gotta go for today. Enjoy the fall weather! I hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is where I am.

  6. momdear1 says:

    I am a little tired of all these Johnny come lately pseudo Conservatives who no longer have a place in their preferred Dem party, because it has been taken over by the loony, anti American /anti war left, and have turned to the Republican Party and are trying to take it over and make it a carbon copy of the Dem. Party minus the far out loony left . The only way to do that is to get rid of the so called Ultra right wingers who traditionally have made up the Republican base, . Sorry guys. But us church going, God fearing, America first, anti baby killing (at any stage of life) pro gun, anti pervert “Ultra Right wing fanatics” are not willing to move over and let you take over the party, which exists because we and our ilk have supported it while you Baby Boomers, also known as the “me” generation, have worked to undermine the Constitution and create a socialist Utopia like Europe and the Soviet Union, run by affirmative action special interest groups. We want the government to butt out of our affairs and stop giving our money to special interest groups, foreigners, adicts, perverts, baby killers, and anti American traitors.

    We want to manage our own finances, and believe that if we are required to obey the laws , everyone should be required to obey the laws. When people cross the border illegally they are breaking the law. We expect the law they are breaking to be enforced. If the Government is not going to enforce our immigration laws, they should be repealed so that we know our elected officials have no intention of protecting us from foreign invaders , and we can elect people who will do what we want done.

    We do not owe every discontented, poverty stricken, malcontent in the world a place in this country or a good life. As long as we allow these unfortunates and malcontents to flood into our country they will never develop an incentive to change things in their own countries.

    Every community in this country has been inundated with non English speaking foreigners. Our schools, hospitals and social services are overloaded , our taxes are rising faster than we can pay them . Baby boomers who have high paying government jobs may think it’s their duty to take on these problems, but us every day, Joe Sixpack, working slobs are fed up with it. We have enough to do to put food on our tables and pay the mortgage. We don’t want the high taxes, crime, gangs in our schools and other problems that these people bring with them.

    All of you who don’t like having to deal with us “Ultra Right Crackpots” should look for another party or fight to run the loony left Dems out of yours. We are not turning our Party over to left leaning “independents” without a fight, and if enough of them switch parties and gain control of the Republican Party by outnumbering the Rep. base, you can bet the base will be looking for another banner under which to unite .

  7. The Macker says:

    -AJ is an analyst.

    -And even Ron Paul gets it right sometimes. But he and Tancredo are downright spooky sometimes.

  8. Terrye says:


    If Tancredo was really such a visionary he would be able to get past the margin of error in his own party primaries.

    The truth is a lot of people think that illegal immigration is an important issue that needs to be dealt with. The problem with Tancredo and his fan club is that they just do not believe anybody else is serious about the issue.

    Back in 2006 Hostettler ran a very hardliner campaign here in Indiana and he lost to a blue dog Democrat. The same sort of thing happened to George Allen, J.D. Hayworth and several other conservatives.

    The truth is that the people on the right who think they are the only ones who care about this issue are wrong, a lot of people care…they just do not always agree on the best way to handle it. As far as giving Tancredo credit for getting anything done, it seems to me that most hardliners constantly complain nothing is being done, they were thrilled to end up with the status quo just a few months ago in fact.

  9. Terrye says:

    As far as guts is concerned steve, this is my country too, terrye is my real name and I really do not like people telling me what I am supposed to think.

  10. dbostan says:

    God bless Tom Tancredo for he is a great patriot and conservative!
    I can only hope others will pick up his great work.

  11. stevevvs says:

    Terrye said:

    If Tancredo was really such a visionary he would be able to get past the margin of error in his own party primaries
    Terrye:, I guess I have to explain this. Tom Tancredo ran for president FULLY EXPECTING TO LOOSE. He ran to get his biggest Issue out there in the Presidential Debates. He has accomplished everything he set out to do. Both in congess, and as a presidential candidate.If you had actually read some of his articles, you too would know this.

    The truth is a lot of people think that illegal immigration is an important issue that needs to be dealt with. The problem with Tancredo and his fan club is that they just do not believe anybody else is serious about the issue.

    Terrye: You got it!!!

    Back in 2006 Hostettler ran a very hardliner campaign here in Indiana and he lost to a blue dog Democrat. The same sort of thing happened to George Allen, J.D. Hayworth and several other conservatives.

    Terrye: I spoke to soon! Your lost! George Allen did not loose on this issue. Most believe it was the Washington Post’s daily “Makaka” drilling that killed him.

    J.D. Hayworth lost to an alleged “Conservative Blue Dog Dem” who ran as a “Far Right” Dem on Immigration issues. Where was AJ then!

    In fact, J.D. was interviewed on WBT Radio a month back, and said JUST WHAT I JUST WROTE. He is now a radio talk show host in Az.

    The truth is that the people on the right who think they are the only ones who care about this issue are wrong, a lot of people care…they just do not always agree on the best way to handle it. As far as giving Tancredo credit for getting anything done, it seems to me that most hardliners constantly complain nothing is being done, they were thrilled to end up with the status quo just a few months ago in fact.

    Terrye:, Tancredo Started the Immigration Caucus. Here, let me post his words, rather than mine:


    With voters’ outraged calls helping sink the Senate’s immigration-reform bill, and with the other Republican presidential candidates making immigration a top priority, the Colorado Republican said his work is complete.

    “I just figure, how many more signs do I need that I’ve done what I set out to do,” he said in a telephone interview from Iowa, where he is campaigning for his party’s presidential nomination.

    He has compiled a conservative voting record, including opposing the prescription-drug program as part of Medicare and supporting school vouchers. But he made his mark by pressing for action on immigration long before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks brought the issue front-and-center.

    Mr. Tancredo, 61, said he realized several weeks ago how much the issue has changed when he offered an amendment on the House floor to take away federal funds from sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens’ identity.

    Democrats accepted the amendment without objection. “I remember the first time I did it, I got 82 votes. That is what has changed in the Congress,” Mr. Tancredo said.

    Also, Terrye, I never ment you and your name, that was for someone else, not you.

  12. Mike says:

    “Buchanan: GOP Would Lose Soul with Giuliani

    Monday, October 22, 2007 5:39 PM

    By: Newsmax Staff Article Font Size

    “Support for Rudy Giuliani represents a return to liberal Republicanism that would strip the GOP of its hard-won progress on moral, social and cultural issues, warns Pat Buchanan.

    In his new column “Conservatism is a Tower of Babel,” the GOP strategist and one-time presidential candidate examines Giuliani’s political record, concluding that the former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor is certifiably a liberal Rockefeller Republican.

    He describes Giuliani as a, “McGovernite in 1972 [who] boasted in the campaign of 1993 that he would ‘rekindle the Rockefeller-Javits-Lefkowitz tradition’ of New York’s GOP and ‘produce the kind of change New York City saw with … John Lindsay.’ ”

    Buchanan points out that Giuliani ran on the Liberal Party ticket and supported Mario Cuomo in 1994.

    “Pro-abortion, anti-gun, again and again he strutted up Fifth Avenue in the June Gay Pride parade and turned the Big Apple into a sanctuary for illegal aliens,” Buchanan writes. “While Ward Connerly goes state to state to end reverse discrimination, Rudy is an affirmative-action man.”

    Rudy, Buchanan notes, has attracted “those inveterate opportunists, the neocons, who see in Giuliani their last hope of redemption for their cakewalk war and their best hope for a long war against Islamo-fascism.”

    Buchanan maintains that a Giuliani presidency would represent a return and a “final triumph of the Republicanism that conservatives went into politics to purge from power. A Giuliani presidency would represent repudiation by the party of the moral, social and cultural content that with anti-communism once separated it from liberal Democrats and defined it as an institution.”

    “Rudy offers the right the ultimate Faustian bargain,” writes Buchanan. “Retention of power at the price of one’s soul.”

    Buchanan is an Isolationist Nut Job, but he hit a Home Run with this one!

    “Selling your Soul!”

    For The RINO’s! Maybe you should check out the “Opinion Journal” about all those Donations to the RNC!!

    Down in Flames!

    Until or If Ever the Pubs get back to the conservative agenda, they are doomed!

    Top of my list:

    Hunter, Fred, and Tancredo! I will Not vote for “The Lesser of Two Evils” in 08 as I did in 04!

    The End!

  13. Mike says:



    Suggested reading for the Uninformed!!